TARNSMAN OF GOR #1 Tarl Cabot was of Earth. Or at least so he had believed for all of his twenty-odd years. He had no inkling of the fantastic event that was to occur one winter's night in the frosty woods of America's New England. Nothing had prepared him for the great wild tarns that screamed across an alien sky, for the dreaded, omniscient Priest Kings of the Sardar Mountains, for the Scribes and Warriors and Slaves and Assassins of Gor. Yet Tarl was the chosen one--the one picked out of millions, to be trained and schooled and disciplined by the best teachers, swordsmen, bowmen on Gor. Toward what end, what mission, what purpose? Only Gor--Counter-Earth--held the answer.

OUTLAWS OF GOR #2 Tarl Cabot's long exile was over. Again he was back on Gor, the strange world of Counter-Earth, where he had once been the proudest warrior and mightiest tarnsman of that savage planet. But nothing was as it had been. His home city of Ko-ro-ba was destroyed, razed until not one stone remained standing. His beautiful mate, Talena, was dead or vanished. His family and friends were scattered across the globe. And Cabot was now declared an outlaw, with all men ordered to kill him on sight. His only chance was to find the strange Priest Kings who ruled Gor and to submit himself to them. But Tarl Cabot was not about to submit! *NOTE: There are 3 covers for this book, listed here are two of the 3*

PRIEST-KINGS OF GOR #3 Once Tarl Cabot had been the mightiest warrior of Gor, the strange world of Counter-Earth. But now on all the planet, he had no friends except the tarn, the mighty bird on which he flew. He was an outcast, with every hand against him. His home city had been destroyed, his loved ones scattered or killed. And that was at the orders of the Priest-Kings, those mysterious beings who ruled absolutely over Gor. No man had ever seen a Priest-King. They were said to dwell somewhere in the Mountains of Sardar. And none who entered that forbidden land ever returned alive. Nonetheless, Tarl Cabot headed into the Mountains of Sardar! *NOTE: There are 4 covers for this book, listed here are all 4 of the 4*

NOMADS OF GOR #4 Tarl Cabot, warrior and tarnsman, left the forbidden Sardar Mountains on a mission for the Priest-Kings of Gor, the barbaric world of Counter-Earth. The Priest-Kings were dying, and he had to find their last link to survival. All he knew about his goal was that it lay hidden somewhere among the nomads. There were the Wagon Peoples, the wild tribes thatlived off the roving herds of bosk, fiercest of the animals of Gor. But still more fierce were their masters, the savage Tuchuks. All men fled before them when they moved. All except Tarl Cabot, who stood alone, watching the oncoming clouds of dust that might bring him death.
ASSASSIN OF GOR #5 Kuurus was one of the dread caste of assassins on the hidden world of Counter-Earth. He was hired for twenty pieces of gold to avenge the death of a warrior. Now he was on his way to the great city of Ar, where he was forbidden by ancient sentence of death ever to appear again. He knew nothing of his intended victim, save that the man had taken part in the savage tarn races at the Arena of Ar. And all he knew of the man he was to avenge was a name. The name was that of Tarl Cabot, the great warrior and servant of the all-powerful Priest-Kings. And that was strange. Because the true name of Kuurus was Tarl Cabot.

RAIDERS OF GOR #6 Tarl Cabot was a warrior of Gor--the world that Earth could never see. Normally, he was a proud and mighty warrior. But now he was bound for Port Kar, the only city with no home stone to give it a heart. It was a city of reavers and looters...of outcasts without allegiance. Merchants and pirates stalked its quays beside the beautiful Sea of Thassa. Tarl Cabot was headed for the sinkhole of the planet, a teeming den of iniquity. And that was no place for an honest warrior from far Ko-ro-ba. But he was no longer Tarl Cabot, the warrior. Now he was only Bosk...a miserable slave!
CAPTIVE OF GOR #7 Spoiled, rich young Elinor Brinton was no longer on Earth. She had been kidnapped from her New York apartment and carried across space to Gor by alien slavers. Then the ship was wrecked and she was stranded on the strange world of Counter-Earth, where women were only property, to be beaten and subjugated at the will of men who were their Masters. Life to her became a never-ending nightmare. In the great luxury city of Ko-ro-ba, she was trained in the provocative skills of a pleasure slave. In the Northern Forests of Gor, she was captured by the fierce outlaw Panther Girls. And finally came Rask of Treve to teach her what all women should learn! *NOTE: There are 3 covers for this book, listed here are two of the 3*
HUNTERS OF GOR #8 Three lovely women were keys to Tarl Cabot's career on Gor, Earth's orbital counterpart. They were: Talena, daughter of Gor's greatest ruler and once Tarl's queen. Elizabeth Cardwell, who had been Tarl's comrade in two of his greatest exploits. Verna, haughty chief of the untamed panther women of the Northern forests. HUNTERS OF GOR finally reveals the fate of these three--as Tarl Cabot ventures into the wilderness to pit his skill and his life against the brutal cunning of Gorean outlaws and enemy warriors. *NOTE: There are 4 covers for this book, listed here are two of the 4*

MARAUDERS OF GOR #9 Tarl Cabot has struggled to free himself from the control of Gor's most powerful Priest-Kings, but to no avail. Now he finds that mission challenged by a threat emanating from the planet's forbidden northern lands. There, a menacing alien force waits for Tarl, who faces an awesome choice: protect his own position as a rich merchant-slaver, or risk everything to defend the freedom of his world. An adventure filled with incredible incident, barbaric peoples, and the ferocious clashes between men and women that have made John Norman one of science fiction's legendary storytellers.
TRIBESMEN OF GOR #10 The Others were on the move! The Priest-Kings had received a message: "Surrender Gor." The date had been set for conquest or destruction. Tarl Cabot could no longer linger in Port Kar--now he must act on behalf of the Priest-Kings, on behalf of Gor, and on behalf of Gor's teeming, unsuspecting, twin world known as Earth. Evidence pointed to the great wasteland of the Tahari, the desert known only to the clannish, militant tribes of desert-wanderers. There must Cabot go. There among the feuds, along the trails of slavers, beyond the forbidding salt mines to a rendezvous with treachery, with a woman warlord, with a bandit chief, and with the monster intelligences from the worlds of steel. *NOTE: There are 3 covers for this book, listed here are two of the 3*
SLAVE GIRL OF GOR #11 Tarl Cabot had resumed his allegiance to the Priest-Kings, the non-human but benevolent rulers of Earth's orbital twin planet, Gor. And accordingly Tarl knew that the battle for the possession of the planet was under way--the Kurii, the beastlike invaders, had made their plans. There was a girl, once Judy Thornton of Earth, found in the wilderness of Gor. Captured, as such lovely strangers were on that ruthless world, she was to undergo the training that would make of her a slave girl of great value. But unknown to her captors was the fact that she was a tool of the Kurii, that she carried a programmed message that imperilled the future of Gor. It was for possession of her mind and body that Priest-King and Kur monster battled, while a planet went its way unsuspecting that its very fate was also locked within the slave collar that graced her neck.
BEASTS OF GOR #12 On Gor, the other world in Earth's orbit, the term beast can mean any of three things: First, there are the Kurii, the monsters from space, who are about to invade that world. Second, there are the Gorean warriors, men whose fighting ferocity is incomparable. Third, there are the slave girls, who are both beasts of burden and objects of desire. All three kinds of beasts come into action in this thrilling novel as the Kurii establish their beachhead on Gor's polar cap. Here is a John Norman epic that takes Tarl Cabot from the canals of Port Kar to the taverns of Lydius, the tents of the Sardar Fair, and to a grand climax among the red hunters of the Arctic ice pack.
EXPLORERS OF GOR #13 When the shield ring of the much feared Kurii falls into the possession of a mysterious black explorer, it becomes vital to the Priest-Kings that Tarl Cabot himself regain that ancient product of an alien science. His quest brings him to the unmapped interior of the great equatorial rain-forests and into new dangers without parallel. Here are jungle kingdoms and tropical trade cities, fierce beasts and fiercer men. And at the heart of this full-bodied Gorean novel is a lost city--and a linkage of the loveliest enemy agents ever lured from the cities of far-off Terra.