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Please note: Most food, animals, weapons, and drink will be found on those pages along with the
book quotes for each, when found.

NOTICE! siren has worked VERY hard on these pages of dictionary. If one wishes to use them on a site,
ask permission first, use a link back to GDC website, AND give proper credit to siren.

Please note: Most food, animals, weapons, and drink will be found on those pages along with the
book quotes for each, when found.

Please note: Most food, animals, weapons, and drink will be found on those pages along with the book quotes for each, when found.

DAIS (place): the place upon which the Ubar or high ranking person sits. "We knelt before a low DAIS, covered with rugs and cushions, on which reclined Saphrar of Turia." Pg. 193, Nomads of Gor.

DANCING CIRCLE(place): an area where panther girls dance in the open forests, usually a sacred place for them. "You know, or know well enough," I said, "The location, or approximate location, of her camp and DANCING CIRCLE." Pg. 35, Hunters of Gor.

DANCING COLLAR (noun): a collar which is more decorative and used exclusively for dancing. "...naked, in slave bracelets and jeweled DANCING COLLAR." Pg. 174, Captive of Gor.

DANCE OF THE LARL HUNTERS (dance): a dance which imitates the actions of stalking, hunting, and killing the larl. "A moment later another guard leaped into the pit of sand and, to the amusement of the girls, began a DANCE OF LARL HUNTERS, joined by two or three others, in a file, dancing the stalking of the beast, the confrontation, and the kill." Pg. 240, Assassin of Gor.

DANCE OF THE PANTHER GIRLS {dance}: a dance which is performed by the panther girls after they have captured a male. It is wild and very raw dance."The drum was now very heady, swift. The DANCE OF THE PANTHER GIRLS became more wild, more frenzied." Pg. 198, Hunters of Gor.

DANCE OF THE SIX THONGS (dance): a dance with which a slave is tied, controlled by 6 different males, totally unable to move much without One relenting, in a way teaching the slave she is controlled only by Men. she at first fights it, but gradually begins to want to please the Masters, until finally at the end, she gives in to her true self...a slave."It was to be the DANCE OF THE SIX THONGS." Pg. 228, Raiders of Gor.

DAR-KOSIS (disease): an incurable, wasting disease akin to the Earth disease ofleprosy. "That was the literal translation of DAR-KOSIS--the Holy Disease--or, equivalently, the Sacred Affliction. The disease is named that because it is regarded as being holy to the Priest-Kings, and those who suffer from it are regarded as consecrated to the Priest-Kings. Accordingly, it is regarded as heresy to shed their blood." Pg. 150, Tarnsman of Gor.

DAR-KOSIS PITS(place): places where those afflicted with Dar-Kosis disease are put to live. "As an act of charity, Initiates have arranged at various places DAR-KOSIS PITS where the Afflicted may voluntarily imprison themselves, to be fed with food hurled downward from the backs of passing tarns. Once in a DAR-KOSIS PIT, the Afflicted are not allowed to depart." Pg. 151, Tarnsman of Gor.

DEATH OF BLOOD AND THE SEA (ritual): the ritual of taking a man of the seas back to the sea to look upon it just before dying. "...he had died by the sword, which would have been his choice, and before he had died he looked again upon gleaming Thassa; it is called the DEATH OF BLOOD AND THE SEA; he died not unhappy; men of Port Kar do not care to die in their beds weak, lingering, at the mercy of tiny foes they cannot see...." Pg. 2, Marauders of Gor.

DEGRADATION STRIPE (punishment): a stripe shaved into the hair of men captured by panther girls going from the forehead to the nape of the neck. "On my head," said Arn, "I wear the DEGRADATION STRIP." Pg. 303, Hunters of Gor.

DISCIPLINE CAGE: A cage used in punishment of a slave, solid in structure, no openings but a small slot to pass food through. "I was locked inside. I could see a tiny slit of the outside through the aperture in the iron door, about a half an inch in height and seven inches in width. There was a somewhat larger opening at the foot of the door, about two inches in height and a foot wide. The box itself was square, with dimensions of perhaps one yard square. It was hot, and dark." Pg. 313, Captive of Gor.

DISPLAY CAGE(place): a cage used especially for displaying slaves to others. "Her cage, mounted on the cart, was not of branches, but of steel. It was a circular cage, between some six and seven feet in height, flat-bottomed, with a domed top. Its diameter was no more than a yard. And she was chained. Her wrists were manacled behind her body, and a chain led from her confined wrists to a heavy ring set in the bottom of her cage." Pg. 215, Captive of Gor.

DINA (plant): a small, short-stemmed flower indigenous to hillsides; sometimes called the 'slaveflower', it is often used as a design for slave brands; sometimes used as a slave name. "But perhaps the dina is spoken of as the slave flower merely because, in the north, it is, though delicate and beautiful, a reasonably common, unimportant flower; it is also easily plucked, being defenseless and can be easily crushed, overwhelmed and, if one wishes, discarded." Pg. 62, Slave Girl of Gor.

DINA (person): considered one of the best in the "Bola race" games which the Warriors enjoyed immensely, put for Tarl to try to capture in the Games, and He broke all records, beating the old of 32 by getting her in 17 beats. "And he had then pointed to DINA and Tenchika, clad Kajir, who were at that time busy in the wagon." Pg. 116, Nomads of Gor.

DIRECTIONS (noun): on a Gorean Map, directions are divided into 8 parts. "Accordingly, the main divisions of the map are Ta-Sardar-Var, and theother seven, taking the Sardar as our "north pole" the other directions, clockwise as Earth clocks move (Gorean clock hands move in the opposite direction) would be , first, Ta-Sardar-Var, then in order, Ror, Rim, Tun, Vask (sometimes spoken of as Verus Var, or the true turning away), Cart, Klim, and Kall, and then again, of course, Ta-Sardar-Var." Pg. 3, Nomads of Gor.

DISPLAY CHAIN (noun): a way of displaying slave girls upon sale or just to show, in which the girls are put on a chain, spaced apart, naked to be displayed to all. On a slave chain, the most beautiful is always put at the end so the buyer or observer, in eagerness, would have to look over the others before reaching the best. "In the "DISPLAY CHAIN", we were spaced on the chain, and the chain stretched rather taut and fastened at both ends, sometimes to trees, sometimes to two large metal screws, more than two feet in length which screwed into the ground, beyond the reach on each end of the first and last girl. Thus, not only would we be secured, but we were unable to crowd together, as girls, particularly unexperienced girls, have a tendency to do when not prevented." Pg. 62, Captive of Gor.

DISPLAY SLAVE (person): a slavegirl whose primary purpose is for the display of her beauty to reflectthe affluence of her master; often chained in coffle with other display slaves behind thepalanquin or other transport of her master. "I gathered I would be a DISPLAY SLAVE at his stirrup, something like a golden saddle and a purple cloak, something for show." Pg. 352, Dancer of Gor.

DOCK EEL (fish): a carnivorous black freshwater fish, which live around the shallow waters of the docks and wharves of river ports. "The DOCK EELS, black, about four feet long, are tenacious creatures. They had not relinquished their hold on the flesh in their jaws when they had been forcibley struck away from the leg, back into the water." Pg. 155, Rogue of Gor.

DORNA OF THARNA, THE (ship): a ramship, painted green, specially made. a large and heavy ship which was Bosk/Tarl's flagship. "It was, accordingly, no accident that I, Bosk, from the marshes in the Fifth Passage Hand of the year 10,120 from the founding of the city of Ar, four months after the unsuccessful coup of Henrius Sevarius in the city of Port Kar, stood admiral on the stern castle of my flagship, THE DORNA OF THARNA, in command of my fleet, eighteen ships of my own and twelve consigned from the arsenal, at a given place at a given time on gleaming Thassa." Pg. 191, Raider of Gor.

DORNA THE PROUD (person): a woman of Tharna who plotted with others to overtake Lara as Tatrix of the city. Though Tarl returned Lara to the Pillar of Exchange, Dorna told the city she'd never been brought back, and thus, being second, took over as Tatrix. "Who is the new Tatrix?" I asked. "DORNA THE PROUD," said the slave, who tumbled onions, turnips, radishes, potatoes and bread onto the feed trough." Pg. 155, Outlaw of Gor.

DOUBLE-HEADED AX(weapon): a weapon commonly used in the north having two blades on opposite sides. "He might carry a DOUBLE-HEADED AX, but at his belt may hang a Turian dagger." Pg. 45, Hunters of Gor.

DOUBLE TARNS (money): twice the worth of a tarn disk. "Four pieces of gold," said Cernus, "DOUBLE TARNS, will be sent to your room." Pg. 44, Assassin of Gor.

DOUBLE KNOWLEDGE (noun): the two forms of knowledge provided on Gor; the simpler knowledgeis taught to the lower castes, the more esoteric knowledge is taught to the higher castes. "I was also instructed in the DOUBLE KNOWLEDGE--that is, I was instructed in what the people, on the whole, believed, and then I was instructed in what the intellectuals were expected to know." Pg. 41, Tarnsman of Gor.

DRAFT SLAVE (person): a slave bred for hard work. "...all of whom are to be distinguished from more normal varieties of bred slaves, such as Passion Slaves and DRAFT SLAVES." Pg. 15, Raiders of Gor.

DUNG SACK (noun): a sack in which dried dung is placed to be used as fuel for fires, also used as punishment for slaves by placing them in the sack. "I think I will stuff you in the DUNG SACK," I said." Pg. 285, Nomads of Gor.

DUST LEGS (people): a tribe of Red Savages which inhabits the Barrens; so called because theywere the last tribe to domesticate kaiila. "Indeed, it was through the DUST LEGS that most of the goods of the interior might reach civilization, the DUST LEGS, in effect, acting as agents and intermediaries." Pg. 148, Savages of Gor.

DUTY OF THE TWELVE JOYS (rite): a rite which the Muls of the Priest-Kings and Matoks must perform daily, washing 12 times. a Mul would receive a record-scar for each time they had not washed completely 12 times. "Since I was a Matok I insisted that I should be exempted from the DUTY OF THE TWELVE JOYS, as it is known. In the beginning I held out for one shower a day as quite sufficient but poor MIsk seemed so upset that I agreed to up my proposal to two. He would still hear nothing of this and seemed firm that I should not fall belowe ten." Pg. 111-112, Priest-Kings of Gor.