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IANDA (place): an island in the south of Gor. "By the end of the second month the flag of Bosk, carried by one ship or another, was known from IANDA to Torvaldsland and from the delta of the Vosk to the throne rooms of Cos and Tyros." Pg. 191, Raider of Gor.

IHN (time): the Gorean second, of which there are 80 in an ehn (minute). "Each Ahn consists of forty Ehn, or minutes, and each Ehn of eighty IHN, or seconds." Pg. 26, Outlaw of Gor.

ILENE {person}: a slave brought from earth, originally from Denver, Colorado, whom Bosk planned to sell in Port Kar. "I was displeased particularly with the one called ILENE." Pg. 196, Hunters of Gor.

IMPLANTED ONE (person): a person implanted so they can be used to "spy" upon the Goreans. "You are seeing through the eyes of an IMPLANTED ONE," said Sarm. I gasped. Sarm's antennae curled. "Yes," he said, "the pupils of his eyes have been replaced with lenses and a control net and transmitting device have been fused with his brain tissue. He himself is now unconscious for the control net is activated. Later we will allow him to rest, and he will see and hear and think again for himself." Pg. 136, Priest-Kings of Gor.

INA (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet. "Following these in frequency of occurrence are Ar, INA, Shu and Homan, and so on." Pg. 383, Slave Girl of Gor.

INGE (person): a slave whom Elinor Brinton met upon her arrival on Gor. "Another girl, a tall, blondish girl, some two positions ahead of me and on my left, smiled. "INGE," she said, indicating herself." Pg. 55, Captive of Gor.

INITIATES, CASTE OF (group): Those who represent the Priest-Kings in Gorean society. "....while the INITIATES of the city sacrificed to the Priest-Kings." Pg. 177, Tarnsman of Gor.

INITIATES, CASTE OF (group): the representatives of the Priest-Kings in Gorean society; theInitiates are one of the five High Castes, and are the religious branch of the government; theircaste color is white. "Kazrak had offended the CASTE OF THE INITIATES primarily by levying taxes on their vast holdings throughout the city and upon occasion upholding the rulings of the administrative courts over the courts of the Initiates." Pg. 15, Assassin of Gor.

INITIATORY WHIPPING (noun): the beating, usually of about 10 strokes, which a slavegirl receivesupon being brought into a new house- hold, to remind her that she is a slave and underdiscipline. "I am being introduced into a house, in which I am to be a slave. My mysterious master must, thus, be of Victoria, or of some other city in which are practiced the customs of the capture carry and INITIATORY WHIPPING!" The point of these customs, of course, is clear." Pg. 200, Guardsman of Gor.

INSTRUCTOR IN ARMS {person}The person in charge of training a warrior in the art of fighting. "This was my introduction to my INSTRUCTOR IN ARMS, whose name was also Tarl." Pg. 46, Tarnsman of Gor.

IRON, GOREAN {tool} A bit larger then an earth iron, it is heated on the fires and used to iron out clothing. It is small, heavy and rounded. "A bowl of water was nearby, and a fire, over which, on an iron plate fixed on stones, there were, heating, five, small, flat-bottomed, rounded, wooden-handled GOREAN IRONS." Pg. 295, Captive of Gor.

IRON BELT (noun): similar to Earths chastity belts, placed on virgin slaves especially. "To their consternation, before being permitted to leave the training room, Virginia and Phyllis, beneath their livery, had locked on their bodies, by Sura, the IRON BELT." Pg. 214, Assassin of Gor.

IRON MASTER (person): a man skilled in the making of collars and working with metal. "The IRON MASTER affixed the Turian collar. He bent to his tools, taking up a tiny, open golden ring, a heated metal awl, a pair of pliers, I turned away. I heard her scream." Pg. 173, Nomads of Gor.

IRON PENS (place): a place where slaves are kept prior to sales for training, similar in a way, to the prisons of Earth. "The expression "IRON PENS," incidentally, generally refers to all of the subterranean retention facilities in the house of a slaver, not simply cages, but pits, steel drums, wall chains and such; it is the name of an area, on the whole, rather than a literal description of the nature of the only sort of security devices found there." Pg. 122, Assassin of Gor.

ISBU BAND (person): a sub-group of the All Comrades. "The ISBU was the largest BAND, containing between sixteen and seventeen hundred members." Pg. 25, Blood Brothers of Gor.

ISKANDER {person}A renegade, exiled from the city of Turia but still he wore the city's name with his own, known as Iskander of Turia. He was a physician. "I knew well the name of ISKANDER." Pg. 18, Marauders of Gor.

IVAR FORKBEARD (person): A leader in Torvaldsland whom Tarl befriended, believed to have freed Chenbar. He was known as a great captain, pirate, trader and warrior. "A madman," laughed Sarus. "IVAR FORKBEARD." Pg. 269, Hunters of Gor.

JAD (place): One of the largest cities on Cos. "There are four major cities on Cos, of which Telnus is the largest. The others are Selnar, Temos and JAD." Pg. 174, Raiders of Gor.

JARD (bird): a small, yellow-winged scavenger bird of the rainforest inland of Schendi. "Fluttering JARDs, covering many of the carcasses like gigantic flies, stirred, swarming upward as Inmak passed them, and then returned to their feeding." Pg. 170, Beasts of Gor

JARL (person): the title for a leader in Torvaldsland, and the title by which all free men ofTorvaldsland are addressed by slaves. "Yes, my JARL!" she cried , and leaped to her feet, running toward the palisade. "Yes, my JARL!" cried the other girls, hurrying behind her, to begin the preparations for the feast. Pg. 85, Marauders of Gor.

JAVELIN (weapon): a long spear like weapon which is thrown. It has a sharp end and flies long lengths. "A JAVELIN, with tarred, burning blade, fell hissing into the water, some hundred yards away." Pg. 198, Raiders of Gor.

JIT MONKEY (animal): a mammal which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi. "In the lower branches of the "ground zone" may be found, also, small animals, such as tarsiers, nocturnal JIT MONKEYs.." Pg. 312, Explorers of Gor.