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RAF {person} A huntsman from Treve who is known by His mastery of techniques of weapon skills. "Those men," said Ena, "are RAF and Pron, huntsmen of Treve, though they range widely in their huntings, even to the northern forests." Pg. 298, Captive of Gor.

RAM-BERRIES (food): Small, heavily seeded, succulent plum-like reddish colored berries. "A guard was with us, and we were charged with filling our leather buckets with RAM-BERRIES, a small, reddish fruit with edible seeds,not unlike tiny plums, save for the many small seeds." Pg. 305, Captive of Gor.

RAM-SHIP (noun): a war ship also referred to as a long ship. It is oared, and smaller then the round ships, with a beam ratio of 1 to 8. It is built for speed and the ability to destroy other ships. A very fast ship, but less dependable on the seas then the Round Ship which can take to the high seas better. The Ram Ship is not built for significant sail dependence or seaworthiness, but is built for speed and the ability to destroy other ships. "Medium class for a long ship, or RAM-SHIP, is determined not by freight capacity but by keel length and width of beam; a medium-class long ship, or RAM-SHIP, will have a keel length of from eighty to one hundred and twenty feet Gorean; and a width of beam of from ten to fifteen feet Gorean." Pg. 127, Raiders of Gor.

RARIR{language} A village which was the birthplace of Ute, south of the Vosk River by the Thassa."Ute was heading south and westward. The tiny village, RARIR, in which she had been born, lay south of the Vosk and near the shores of Thassa." Pg. 232, Captive of Gor.

RARIUS (language): Gorean word meaning Warrior. "Lo Rask," said he, "RARIUS, Civitatis Trevis." "I am Rask," he said, "of the caste of warriors, of the City of Treve." Pg. 266, Captive of Gor.

RASK (person): a warrior from the city of Treve in the mountains, feared by many. "...the sky had darkened with a flight of outlaw tarnsmen, more than a hundred of them, under the command of the terrible RASK of Treve, one of the most dreaded warriors on all Gor." Pg. 62, Captive of Gor.

RAVIRI (people): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai. "If war should erupt their vassal tribes, such as the Char, the Kashani, the Ta'Kara, the RAVIRI, the Tashid, the Luraz, the Bakahs, would all become involved." Pg. 47, Tribesmen of Gor.

RAVISHMENT LAMP (noun): a small tharlarion- oil lamp, found in the chamber of a master; its soft glow is sufficient to illuminate a slavegirl as she is raped. "Though the light of the lamp is soft and sensuous, it is quite adequate, by design, to illuminate her; she is under no delusion on this score; her tiniest movements and her subtlest expressions, she knows, will be fully visible to her master. This is as it should be; she is his slave. Some free women, incidentally, insist on making love in the dark, because of their modesty. If such a woman should be enslaved, however, she must learn to perform in full illumination, whether it be in the soft light of a common RAVISHMENT LAMP or on a dock at midday." Pg. 203, Guardsman of Gor.

RECORD SCARS (noun): scars which are given Muls if they displease the Priest-Kings for some reason. "Is it always five RECORD-SCARS for such an offense?" I asked." Pg. 113, Priest-Kings of Gor.

RED HUNTERS (people): the peoples who inhabit the Gorean arctic; in appearance and culture, they are similar to the Eskimos of Earth. "The RED HUNTERS lived as nomads, dependent on the migrations of various types of animals, in particular the northern tabuk and four varieties of sea sleen. Their fishing and hunting were seasonal, and depended on the animals. Sometimes they managed to secure the northern shark, sometimes even the toothed Hunjer whale or the less common Karl whale, which was a four-fluked, baleen whale. But their life, at best, was a precarious one." Pg. 36, Beasts of Gor.

RED OLIVES (food): like earth olives, only red in color, grown in Tyros. "and a sack of RED OLIVES from the groves of Tyros." Pg. 114, Raiders of Gor.

RED SAVAGES (people): the peoples to inhabit the plains area (Barrens) of Gor; in appearance and culture, they are similar to the American Indians of Earth. "'These are the rules of the RED SAVAGES,' he said. 'Then,' said I, 'only small groups of white men could enter the Barrens, or else they would be on foot, at the mercy of the inhabitants of the area.'" Pg. 137, Savages of Gor.

RED SILK GIRL (person): a slave who is no longer a virgin. In online/VT Gor, a red-silk is the highest trained slave, is able to perform all forms of service in a highly sensual way."Cernus smiled. "Our Physicians ascertained," said he, "that she is only a RED SILK GIRL." Pg. 45, Assassin of Gor.

REFUSAL, RITE OF (rite): a ritual which is performed by an Ubar of a city, in which a person is banned from a city. it involves bread, salt, and fire. "To my astonishment bread, and salt, and a small, falming brand were brough to him. There were shouts of dismay from those assembled. I could not believe my eyes. Marlenus took the bread and broke it apart in his large hands. "You are refused bread," said Marlenus, placing the bread back on the tray. There were shouts of astonishment in the court. Marlenus had taken the salt, lifted it from the tray, and replaced it. "Your are refused salt," he said. "No!" came the shouts from hundreds of voices. "No!" Marlenus then, looking at me, took the small brand of fire in his hand. There was a leaf of fire, bright yellow, at its tip. He thrust the brand into the salt, extinguishing it. "You are refused fire," he said. There was silence in the court of the Ubar. "You are herewith, by the edict of the Ubar," said Marlenus, "commanded from the city of Ar, to depart before sundown of this day, not to return on pain of penalty of torture and impalement." Pg. 404-405, Assassin of Gor.

RELEASER (medical):"The effects of slave wine are counteracted by a drink called a 'RELEASER'. If you are administered such a potion you may expect, shortly thereafter, to be hooded and conducted to a breeding stall." Pg 182, Plunder of Gor.

RELIUS (person): a guard of the House of Cernus, the Slaver. He aided in defeating Cernus thus returning Marlenus back to Ubarship of Ar. "Their names were RELIUS and Ho-Sorl. They seemed likeable, capable young men, something above the average cut of the men in the employ of Cernus the Slaver." Pg. 193, Assassin of Gor.

RENA (ship): This name is seen several times in the books, in Raiders it refers to a ship, in Assassin, the name of a slave. "Your ship will be the Rena of Temos." Pg. 182, Raiders of Gor, also in Assassin of Gor where the name was of a slave.

RENA (person): A Free Woman who was of the Caste of Builders, from Lydius, who was face-stripped and made a slave by Targo. "The Lady RENA of Lydius," said Targo, "of the Builders." Pg. 74, Captive of Gor.

RENCE (plant): a tufted, reed-like plant that grows in the marshes; used for making paper. it has flowers, sometimes used in garlands. "Then, from within the collar, he drew forth a thin, folded piece of paper, RENCE paper, made from the fibers of the RENCE plant, a tall, long-stalked leafy plant which grows predominantly in the delta of the Vosk." Pg. 49, Nomads of Gor.

RENCE BEER (drink): made from the rence plant. "I had also been used to carry heavy kettles of RENCE BEER from teh various islands, to the place of feasting..." Pg. 41, Raiders of Gor.

RENCE KNIFE (weapon): a tool to cut rence in the marshes. "One holds the stem of the plant in the left hand and, with the right, with a small, curved, two-inch knife makes a diagonal upward stroke." Pg. 27, Raiders of Gor. "The RENCE KNIFE, with which I had cut rence, she had left in the packet in her rence craft." Pg. 33, Raiders of Gor.

RENCE PAPER (noun): papyrus. "Then, from within the collar, he drew forth a thin, folded piece of paper, RENCE PAPER, made from the fibers of the rence plant, a tall, long-stalked leafy plant which grows predominantly in the delta of the Vosk." Pg. 49, Nomads of Gor.

RENCE PASTE (food): can be eaten raw *usually fed by a Owner to a slave* or fried, made from the rence plant. "In a moment the woman had returned with a double handful of wet RENCE PASTE. When fried on flat stones it makes a kind of cake, often sprinkled with rence seeds. "Open your mouth, Slave," said the girl. I did so and, to the amusement of those watching, she forced the wet paste into my mouth. "Eat it," she said. "Swallow it." Painfully, almost retching, I did so. "You have been fed by your Mistress," she said." Pg. 25, Raiders of Gor.

RENCIUS HO-BAR (person):an Admiral Whom Bosk took captive. Rencius was Admiral of a treasure fleet Bosk captured. "Within the Ahn we were ready to sail for Port Kar. I had the admiral of the treasure fleet, RENCIUS HO-BAR of Telnus, in his chains brought before me." Pg. 210, Raiders of Gor.

RENNELS (animal): "I was told by Kamchak that once an army of a thousand wagons turned aside because a swarm of RENNELS, poisonous, crablike desert insects, did not defend its broken nest, crushed by the wheel of the lead wagon." Pg. 27, Nomads of Gor.

REP (plant): a fiber plant similar to cotton commercially grown, used for cloth. "REP is a whitish fibrous matter found in the seed pods of a small, reddish, woody bush, commercially grown in several areas, but particularly below Ar and above the equator; the cheap rep-cloth is woven in mills, commonly, in various cities; it takes dyes well and being cheap and strong, is popular, particularly among the lower castes." Pg. 11, Raiders of Gor.

REPCLOTH (noun): rough fabric woven from the fibers of the rep plant. "She gave me a thin blanket of coarse cloth; it was REP-CLOTH; I might huddle in it at night." Pg. 69, Slave Girl of Gor.

RETAINING RINGS (noun): steel rings which lock around the wrists or ankles of a slave to secure her. "The RETAINING RINGS," prompted the judge. "It is not necessary," responded Aphris. "I shall stand quietly here until the sleen is slain." "Place your wrists in the rings," said the judge, "or it shall be done for you." In fury the girl placed her hands behind her head, in the rings, one on each side of the stake. The judge expertly flipped them shut and moved to the next stake." Pg. 119, Nomads of Gor.

RHODA {ship}: a galley with a keel length of 110 feet Gorean and a 12 Gorean foot beam and could carry about 90 orsman. It was a single masted ram-ship and believed to be carrying 100 skilled warriors. "..continued their flight to the shores of gleaming Thassa and their projected rendezvous with the RHODA and the Tesephone." Pg. 244, Hunters of Gor.

RIM {person}A man whom Tarl freed in Hunters of Gor, who later was captured by the Panther girls. Rim was an outlaw whom Tarl met while in the house of Samos. "Ah, RIM," she would cry out, twisting in the darkness, "I truly am your slave." Pg. 292, Captive of Gor.

RIFLE (weapon): banned on Gor, this shooting weapon was smuggled in by the Others. "I turned back and looked into the room. In it I saw the RIFLE which had been brought from Earth." Pg. 384, Assassin of Gor.

RIM {time} One of the units of time on a Gorean clock. "Accordingly, the main divisions of the map are Ta-Sardar-Var, and the other seven; taking the Sardar as our "north pole" the other directions, clockwise as Earth clocks move OGorean clock hands move in the opposite direction) would be, first Ta-Sardar-Var, then, in order, Ror, RIM, Tun, Vask (sometimes spoken of as Verus Var. or the true turning away), Cart, Klim, and Kail, and then again, of course, Ta-Sardar-Var." Pg. 3, Nomads of Gor.

RIM AVOIDANCE {custom} The very act of a slave touching her lips to where a Masters will is calling for punishment of said slave. "I looked at the rim of the cup. I Shook with terror. "A slave girl dares not touch with her lips the RIM of that cup which has been touched with the lips of her master," I whispered." Pg. 302, Captive of Gor.

RISSIA {person}: when the Panther camp of Hura was attacked, Rissia was one of the only ones who stayed behind to defend her sisters. "What is your name?" I asked, as I fastened the knots on her wrists behind her back. "RISSIA," she said. Pg. 238, Hunters of Gor.

RITE OF KNIVES (ritual): Fighting to the death using knives, whether free or slave. "I ask the RITE OF KNIVES," she said." Pg. 315, Hunters of Gor.

RITES OF SUBMISSION (ritual): a ritual done during the capture of a new slave. "In those days it had been a portion of the RITES OF SUBMISSION, as practiced in Tharna, to strip and bind the captive with yellow cords and place her on a scarlet rug..." Pg. 204, Outlaw of Gor.

RIVER SHARK (fish): a narrow, black, vicious, carnivorous fish with a triangular dorsal fin, whichinhabits the rivers of Gor. "A RIVER SHARK," she cried, excitedly. Several of the girls looked after it, the fin cutting the waters and disappearing in the fog on the surface." Pg. 79, Captive of Gor.

ROBES OF CONCEALMENT (clothes): the mode of dress favored by free women in some of the larger city-states. It has one or more hooded robes, plus up to five face veils. The ROBES OF CONCEALMENT, in function, resemble the garments of Muslim women on my own planet, though they are undoubtedlymore intricate and cumbersome. Normally, of men, only a father and a husband may look upon the woman unveiled." Pg. 86, Tarnsman of Gor.

ROR {time} One of the units of time on a Gorean clock. "...taking the Sardar as our "north pole" the other directions, clockwise as Earth clocks move OGorean clock hands move in the opposite direction) would be, first Ta-Sardar-Var, then, in order, ROR, Rim, Tun, Vask..." Pg. 3, Nomads of Gor.

RORUS {place} A very small village which Ute had stopped at during her "escape" and taken meat from to feed on."Yes," said another, "and before that, the night before from the village of RORUS." Pg. 254, Captive of Gor.

ROUND SHIP (noun): large ships not as fast or easy to handle as the ramships, having deep holds for merchandise, oared vessels, heavier rigged then the ram-ships with a much wider beam to its length of keel, 1 to 6. a round ship can carry appx 100-150 tons or 5,000 to 7,500 Gorean Weight below decks. Round ships have permanent masts. better sailing ships then Ramships, because of their size and stability, they are less apt to break apart in high seas. A rowing type vessel, oared by slaves. "These anchor-hooks, incidentally, are a great deal lighter than the anchors used in the long galleys, and the ROUND SHIPs." Pg. 61, Raiders of Gor.

ROUND SHIELD (noun): a shield, round in shape, used in defense. The ROUND SHIELD, concentric overlapping layers of hardened leather riveted together and bound with hoops of brass, fitted with the double sling for carrying on the left arm, was similarly unmarked." Pg. 21, Outlaw of Gor.