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SLAVE ANKLET (noun): a metal band which fits around a slaves ankle, identifying them. "It was at this time also that Virginia and Phyllis had been given their lock collars, white-enameled, and that the SLAVE ANKLETS, the identification bands, had been removed from their left ankles." Pg. 200, Assassin of Gor.

SLAVE BAR (noun): a device which two slaves are fastened to in collars at each end of the bar. makes it harder for a slave to escape. "Harold and I had been fastened in a Turian SLAVE BAR, a metal bar with a collar at each end and, behind the collar, manacles which fasten the prisoner's hands behind his neck." Pg. 193, Nomads of Gor.

SLAVE BELLS (noun): tiny bells which give off a sensual shimmer of sound; threaded by the dozen on thongs or chains, they may be tied or locked around a girl's ankles or wrists, or attached to her collar; are worn or removed only at the whim of a master. "I was startled by the sound of SLAVE BELLS and saw a girl, stripped save for the bells and collar, carrying a burden among the wagons." Pg. 28-29, Nomads of Gor.

SLAVE BELLY (noun): the area of the abdomen around the navel; so called because only slavegirls expose their navels. "I pushed it down so that her navel might be well revealed. It is called the 'SLAVE BELLY' on Gor. Only slave girls, on Gor, reveal their navels." Pg. 334, Explorers of Gor.

SLAVE BIT: (equipment) placed in the slaves mouth, just like a horse bit. "After dark, late, a metal-and-leather apparatus was drawn forth from a small case. It had a bit. It was put on Paula, from behind, and fastened in place. I do not know if they feared she might, at least, cry out, on the street, or they merely wished to familiarize her with her helplessness in a slave bit." Pg, 112, Plunder of Gor.

SLAVE BOX (noun): 1) small, square (3x3') iron box, with a door having a viewing aperture of 7"x1/2" in the middle, and a pass-through of 12x2" at the base; a punishment device for slaves; 2) a small ventilated box, barely large enough to contain a slave, sometimes used in the transport & delivery of slaves after purchase. "'You will be beaten,' said one of the girls nearby, her eyes wide, 'and put in the SLAVE BOX!'" Pg. 269, Slave Girl of Gor.

SLAVE BRACELETS (noun): manacles; there are 3 links between the wristrings. "Give me the SLAVE BRACELETS!" she ordered. I gave them to her, and she placed the bracelets through two links of the part of the chain that encircled the tree, snapping them shut and handing me the key." Pg. 114, Tarnsman of Gor

SLAVE CAGE (noun): a small or large cage, depending on where it is used, was used on barges as well as in other places, to transport slaves. Also forward on the barge was a SLAVE CAGE, and two guards, with the sides of their spears, herded us onto the barge, across its planking and into the cage. Behind us I heard one of the bargemen slam the heavy iron door an dslide the heavy iron bolt into place." Pg. 80, Captive of Gor.

SLAVE CAPSULE (restraint): a transparent cylinder made of heavy plastic, with hoses at each end for air. Appx 18" in diameter, the lid unscrews and the slave is taken on the ships and to Gor in these containers. "Then I was in a curved area, where, fixed in racks on the wall, sloping to the floor, were several large, transparent cylinders, perhaps of heavy plastic. In these were the girls I had seen, those who had been taken from the truck." Pg. 33, Captive of Gor.

SLAVE COLLAR (noun): a piece of metal, placed around the neck of a slave, locking. it is used to identify the person as a slave, to impress upon them their slavery, it identifies their Master, and makes it easier to leash the slave. "The small, heavy lock on a girl's SLAVE COLLAR, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disky variety." Pg. 51, Assassin of Gor.

SLAVE CHAIN {tool/group of people}: a slave chain is referred to in two ways, the first being a length of chain used to hold many slaves. The second being referred to as the slaves on the chain itself. "One of the most frequent uses of the Harl ring, of course, is to form a segment in a SLAVE CHAIN, which may then be of any length, adding or removing girls, as short of as long as the slaver wishes." Pg. 208, Hunters of Gor.

SLAVE DANCE (dance): any of the sensuous and lascivious dances performed by slavegirls to entertain their masters; designed to display the sexual heat of the performer, and invite her use by masters; dances include the Belt Dance, Chain Dance, Dance of the 6 Thongs, Sa-eela, Tile Dance (performed on red tiles), Tether Dance

SLAVE GOAD (noun): similar to the tarn goad, the slave goad is used for controlling and disciplining slaves. "On the other side of the belt, there hung a SLAVE GOAD, rather like the tarn goad, except that it is designed to be used as an instrument for the control of human beings rather than tarns." Pg. 84, Assassin of Gor.

SLAVE GRUEL (food): a tasteless ground thick soup-like mixture fed only to slaves. "I finished the SLAVE GRUEL. It was not tasty, but I was grateful for even so simple a provender." Pg. 66, Slave Girl of Gor.

SLAVE HEAT (noun): the intense need and passion of a slave girl. "Then I smiled. I smelled SLAVE HEAT." Pg. 81, Explorers of Gor.

SLAVE HOBBLE (noun): a chain consisting of a wrist-ring and an ankle-ring joined by 7" of chainl it is fastned on one ankle and the opposite wrist. "I heard two snaps and I saw that Kamchak had put a HOBBLE on Aphris. The SLAVE HOBBLE consists of two rings, one for a wrist, the other for an ankle, joined by about seven inches of chain. In a right-handed girl, such as either Aphris or Elizabeth, it locks on the right wrist and left ankle. When the girl kneels, in any of the traditional positions of the Gorean woman, either slave or free, it is not uncomfortable." Pg. 154-155, Nomads of Gor.

SLAVE HOOD (noun): a leather hood which is placed over a slave or prisoners head, covering their entire face, locked under the chin and around the throat, some with gags, used at times for transporting of slaves and prisoners, or breeding of slaves. "It was hot in the SLAVE HOOD, of several layers of thick leather, stifling, locked under my chin and about my throat; further, this hood, like many, was so constructed as to ensure silence in a prisoner; I could not spit out the thick leather wad that was packed in my mouth nor, because of the straps that held it in place, dislodge it." Pg. 282, Assassin of Gor.

SLAVE KENNELS (place): a small cement cage, usually, 3'x 3' x 4' which has an iron gate. There are similar cages that are all bars and are in slavers houses, and cages which are smaller used on ships, that can be locked togeter in groups and bolted to the wall. "When they do," he said, "they will find themselves in the SLAVE KENNELS." Pg. 99, Assassin of Gor.

SLAVE LIPS (command): the pursing of a slavegirl's lips as for kissing; often used as a command. "Similarly, I was not required to respond to certain sorts of commands, for example, to make "SLAVE LIPS," pursing my lips for kissing, or to writhe slowly before my viewers. Pg. 224, Kajira of Gor.

SLAVE LIVERY (clothes): a dress which a slave wears. "She wore the diagonally striped SLAVE LIVERY of Gor, as had Sana--that briefly skirted, simple, sleeveless garment." Pg. 126, Tarnsman of Gor

SLAVE MAT (noun): a course mat to which area a slavegirl may be ordered for discipline or rape; the girl may not leave the mat unless permitted by her master. "Vika crouched terrified on the SLAVE MAT at the foot of the couch, in the very shadow of the slave ring." Pg. 74, Priest-Kings of Gor.

SLAVE MEAL {food}: a grain like substance used to feed the slaves. "I found quantities of SLAVE MEAL, which is mixed with water; and silks, and bowls, and collars, not inscribed, and lengths of dried meat, stretched and salted; and coils of rope and chains." Pg. 210, Hunters of Gor.

SLAVE OVAL (noun): a method of chain a slavegirl consisting of a hinged iron loop which locks around her waist, with two sliding wrist-rings and a welded ring in the middle of the back. "I wore the SLAVE OVAL locked about my belly, and was neck chained. The SLAVE OVAL is a hinged iron loop which locks about a girl's waist. Two wrist rings, on sliding loops, are fitted on the oval. It also has a welded ring on the back, through which a slave bolt may be snapped, fastening the girl to a wall or object, or through which a chain might be passed." Pg. 324, Slave Girl of Gor.

SLAVE PERFUME (noun): perfumes designed to be worn by slavegirls; they are heavier and more sensual than those designed for free women. "Do you know the PERFUME you wear?" he asked. "It is the PERFUME of a female SLAVE," he said." Pg. 335, Captive of Gor.

SLAVE POST (noun): A post about 5' tall, 7" thick, sturdy which is put into the ground. One the back are 2 metal rings, one 2-3' from the ground, the other appx 3 1/2' from the ground. Made of rough wood with bark, carved sometimes. "On its front, near the top, carved, cut into the bark with the point of a sleen knife, was a crude representation of opened slave bracelets. It was a SLAVE POST." Pg. 131, Captive of Gor.

SLAVE PROVENDER: (food) slave food. "Then one of the masters was before me, between me and the metal bowl, in which was a few ounces of some moist, warm, granular substance, provender, slave provender." Plunder of Gor, pg. 192

SLAVE RAG (clothes): see TA-TEERA. "Eta pulled at the bit of RAG she wore. 'Ta-Teera,' she said. I looked down at the scrap of RAG, outrageously brief, so scandalous, so shameful, fit only for a SLAVE girl, which I wore." Pg. 81, Slave Girl of Gor.

SLAVE RAID (ACTION): a raid upon another camp or city which slaves are taken. "...angrily before me, as though she might have been a freshly collared slave girl, brought in but an Ahn before, bound over the saddle of a kaiil, the fruit of a SLAVE RAID." Pg. 282, Nomds of Gor.

SLAVE RAPE (verb): the sexual use of a slavegirl; may be either tender or brutal, casual or deliberate. "I went to the side of the room and picked up my sea bag. I threw it to the center of the room. She looked down at it puzzled. It was of heavy blue material, canvas, and tied with a white rope. "Lie down upon it," I told her, "on your back, your head to the floor." She did so. "No, please," she said, "not like this." Tt is a common position for a disciplinary SLAVE RAPE. In it the woman feels very vulnerable, very helpless. I then took her." Pg. 202, Explorers of Gor.

SLAVE RING (noun): a heavy iron ring to which a slave may be secured for discipline or security which is placed into the floor or walls. "A heavy SLAVE RING was set in the bottom of the couch to which I might have, had I pleased, chained her." Pg. 48, Priest-Kings of Gor.

SLAVE STEEL (noun): generic term for collars, chains, siriks, etc. worn by slaves. "These collars are normally measured individually to the girl as is most SLAVE STEEL." Pg. 158, Priest-Kings of Gor.

SLAVE STRAP (noun): a heavy strap or belt which buckles behind the wearer's back; in front, there is a metal plate with a welded ring, through which passes the 4 hort (5") chain of a pair of slave bracelets; designed to keep the wearer's hand before his body. "Yes, yesterday, I had sent her, in the SLAVE STRAP and bracelets, for bread." Pg. 66, Hunters of Gor.

SLAVE VEIL (Noun): a small triangle of diaphanous yellow silk, worn across the bridge of the nose and covering the lower half of the face; it parodies the heavy veils worn by free women, as it conceals nothing and often arouses the lust of masters. "The SLAVE VEIL is a mockery, in its way. It reveals, as much as conceals, yet it adds a touch of subtlety, mystery; SLAVE VEILS are made to be torn away, the lips of the master then crushing those of the slave." Pg. 69-70, Tribesmen of Gor.

SLAVE WAGON (noun): a flat-bedded, barred wagon, like a large cage with a door in the rear, in which many slaves may be transported at one time, their ankles chained to a bar that runs down the center of the floor; tarpaulins are often used to cover the cage & hide the cargo; analogous to an old-fashioned Earth circus wagon. "The public SLAVE WAGONS, incidentally, also provide Paga. They are a kind of combination Paga tavern and slave market." Pg. 118, Nomads of Gor.

SLAVE WHIP (noun): a whip used in disciplining slaves. "I saw him take a SLAVE WHIP from the wall and approach her, and then turn back and replace it on the wall." Pg. 61, Nomads of Gor.

SLAVE WINE (drug/drink): a black, bitter beverage that acts as a contraceptive; its effect is instantaneous and lasts for well over a month; can be counter-acted with a another, sweet-tasting beverage. ""It was a foul brew, but I downed it. I did not know at the time, but it was SLAVE WINE." Pg. 69, Slave Girl of Gor.

SLAVER (person): someone who buys, finds, sells slaves. "These men are SLAVERS." Elizabeth confided to them. "They have seen women before." Pg. 199, Assassin of Gor.

SLAVERS CARESS (group): See WHIP CARESS. "Normally a girl who does what you did is maimed or thrown to sleen or daiila, and that he touched you with the whip, the SLAVER'S CARESS, that was only to show me, and perhaps you, that you were female." Pg. 281, Nomads of Gor.

SLAVERS, CASTE OF (group): the sub-caste of the Merchants, one who deals in human merchandise; their caste colors are blue and yellow. "The SLAVERS, incidentally, are of the Merchant CASTE, though, in virtue of their merchandise and practices, their robes are different." Pg. 208, Assassin of Gor.

SLAVERS, LEAGUE OF BLACK (group): a branch of the Caste of Slavers; they work out of Schendi and its environs. "Schendi was an equatorial free port, well known on Gor. It is also the home port of the LEAGUE OF BLACK SLAVERS." Pg. 16, Explorers of Gor.

SLAVER'S NECKLACE (noun): fanciful term for a coffle of slavegirls. "And many of the cities of Gor were represented on that chain, sometimes spoken of as the SLAVER'S NECKLACE..." Pg. 195, Outlaw of Gor.

SLEE {animal}a rodent found in the rainforests. "On the floor itself are also found several varieties of animal life, in particular marsupials, such as the ARMORED GATCH, and rodents, such as slees and ground urts." Pg. 312, Explorers of Gor.

SLEEN (animal): a vicious large eyed mammal which looks like a furry snake like lizard, unyielding hunter. They have 2 rows of teeth. There are many types and uses for sleen: the hunting sleen, trained to sniff out and destroy runaway slaves, these have unusually keen sense of scent, the reddish brown prairie sleen, the black or dark brown forest sleen, the water sleen; and the white snow sleen. sleens are very useful in tracking and herding. "The SLEEN has six legs. It is long, sinuous; it resembles a lizard, save that it is furred and mammalian. In its attack frenzy, it is one of the most dangerous animals on Gor." Pg. 155, Captive of Gor. "It is at night that the SLEEN hunts, that six-legged, long bodied mammalian carnivore, almost as much a snake as an animal." Pg. 26, Outlaw of Gor.

SLEEN (people): a tribe of Red Savages which inhabits the Barrens. "'The Sun Lances,' said Grunt, 'a warrior society of the SLEEN.'" Pg. 314, Savages of Gor.

SLEEN KNIFE (weapon): a knife used commonly by Panther Girls. "Each girl wore, too, at her waist, a sheathed SLEEN KNIFE." Pg. 122, Captive of Gor.

SLEEN, WATER (animal): a vicious animal which lives in the water, similar to the sleen which live outside the water. "This reasoning also led me to suppose that it would not be likely to be anything like a WATER SLEEN or a giant urt from the canals of Port Kar." Pg. 205, Nomads of Gor.

SLIME WORM (animal): a long, slow, blind worm which inhabits the caverns below the Nest in the Sardar; scavenges the remains of the Golden Beetles kills. "The SLIME WORM has earned its place in the Nest," said the other. "How does it live?" I asked. "It scavenges on the kills of the Golden Beetle," said the first slave. "What does the Golden Beetle kill?" I asked. "Priest-Kings," said the second slave." Pg. 104, Priest-Kings of Gor.