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UBAR (person): The ruler. "But," said my father, "sometimes such a war chief, or UBAR, wins the hearts of his men, and they refuse to withdraw their allegiance." Pg. 43, Tarnsman of Gor. "It is hard to be UBAR." Pg. 407, Assassin of Gor.

UBARA (person): female head companion of the Ubar. "Tharlarion!" she cried. "I will be UBARA." Pg. 177, Raiders of Gor.

UBAR SAN (person): war chief chosen to be supreme commander of the 4 tribes of theWagon Peoples. " determine if they are favorable for a choosing of a UBAR SAN, a One Ubar, a Ubar who would be High Ubar, a Ubar of all the Wagons, a Ubar of all the Peoples, one who could lead them as one people." Pg. 11-13, Nomads of Gor.

UBARA SANA (person): female mate of the Ubar San of the 4 tribes people. "This woman," said Kamchak of the Tuchuks, brusquely, his voice stern but almost breaking, "is called Aphris--know her--she is Ubara of the Tuchuks, she is UBARA SANA, of my heart UBARA SANA!" Pg. 340, Nomads of Gor.

UBARA (person): the Free Companion of a ubar. "So saying, he picked a piece, the Ubar's Consort, or UBARA, from the board and dropped it into the game box." Pg. 173, Tarnsman of Gor.

UBARATE (area): the territory governed by an Ubar. "...but major auctions, those which might involve the hundreds of galleys, possessed by these redoubtable maritime powers, the two island UBARATES and Port Kar, had not taken place in more than a century." Pg. 106, Raiders of Gor.

UI (animal): another name for a winged tharlarion. "Only one creature in the marshes dares to outline itself against the sky, the predatory UI, the winged tharlarion." Pg. 1, Raiders of Gor.

UL (bird): giant carnivorous pteradactyl-like creature. "Also, at night, crossing the bright disks of Gor's three moons might occasionally be seen the silent, predatory shadow of the UL, a giant pterodactyl ranging far from its native swamps in the delta of the Vosk." Pg. 26, Outlaw of Gor.

ULA (person): a rence girl, short in stature, captured in the rence island raids, then, when the barges are taken over by Tarl, is made a slave fully after being a freegirl of the islands. "She looked up at him, shyly. "ULA," she said, "---if it pleases Master." Pg. 94, Raiders of Gor.

UR (expression): "...I find it difficult to understand or explain the drive save that it used the forces of gravity against themselves in such a way that the amount, if one may use so inept an expression, of gravitational UR, which is the Gorean expression for the gravitational primitive, remains constant though redistributed, I do not think force, or charge, or any of the other for UR, and I prefer to regard it as an expression best left untranslated, though perhaps one could say that UR is whatever it was that satisfied the gravitational equations of Misk." Pg. 241, Priest-Kings of Gor.

URT (animal): a small, silken-furred rodent akin to the Earth rat; it has three rows of teeth, two tusks, andtwo horns. "The URT is a loathsome, horned Gorean rodent; some are quite large, the size of wolves or ponies, but most are very small, tiny enough to be held in the palm of one hand." Pg. 125, Nomads of Gor.

URT, CANAL (animal): a vicious rodent which lives around the canals of the port cities. "Then, suddenly, falling to my hands and knees, I threw up into the dark waters, I heard one of the giant CANAL URTS twist in the water somewhere beneath me." Pg. 119, Raiders of Gor.

URT, FOREST (animal): a rodent who lives in the northern forests, they are the size of small dogs."With a rock I struck down a FOREST URT." Pg. 195, Hunters of Gor.

URT, GIANT (animal): large rodent relative of the smaller Ground and Leaf Urts. "It was a GIANT URT, fat, sleek, and white; it bared its three rows of needlelike white teeth at me and squealed in anger; two horns, tusks like flat crescents curved from its jaw; another two horns similar to the first, modifications of the bony tissue forming the upper ridge of the eye socket protruded over those gleaming eyes that seemed to feast themselves upon me..." Pg. 86, Outlaw of Gor.

URT, GROUND (animal): a small rodent which inhabits the floor of the rainforests inland of Schendi. "In the ground zone, and on the ground itself, are certain birds, some flighted like the hook-billed gort, which preys largely on rodents, such as GROUND URTS, and the insectivorous whistling finch, and some unflighted, like the grub borer and the lang gim." Pg. 311, Explorers of Gor.

URT, LEAF (animal): a small tree dwelling rodent, having 4 toes, which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi; tree sloth.

URT SHIELDS(equipment): Used on the larger ships to keep urts from crawling aboard. "The URT SHIELDS were still fastened to the mooring, ropes, circular plates, preventing small port urts from boarding the ship." Pg. 64, Hunters of Gor.

URT SOLDIERS (people): a warrior society of the Yellow Knife tribe of Red Savages. "The sign of the URT SOLDIERS," said Grunt, "a society of the Yellow Knives." Pg. 314, Savages of Gor.

URT, TREE (animal): a small tree climbing rodent found in the rainforests inland of Schendi. "Monkeys and TREE URTS, and snakes and insects, however, can also be found in this highest level." Pg. 310, Beasts of Gor.

UTE (person): one of the first slaves Elinor Brinton met when she first came to Gor. "Ute," repeated the short, dark-eyed girl, pointing to herself." Pg. 55, Captive of Gor.

VAL (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet; derived from demotic Egyptian. 'Sidge', on the other hand, could be cuneiform, and 'Tun' and 'VAL' are probably calligraphically drifted from demotic." Pg. 9, Explorers of Gor.

VANCIUS (person): a guard in the House of Cernus in the City of Ar. "VANCIUS, of the guards, turned the key in the helmet lock that fastened the helmet on my head." Pg. 333, Assassin of Gor.

VAR (noun): See TA-SARDAR-VAR. "'VAR Ko-lar!' asked Eta. I pointed to the collar on her throat. 'VAR Ta-Teera?' asked Eta, smiling. I pointed to the brief rag which I wore." Pg. 82, Slave Girl of Gor.

VART (animal): blind, bat-like flying rodent, about the size of a small dog. "Perhaps most I dreaded those nights filled with the shrieks of the VART pack, a blind batlike swarm of flying rodents, each the size of a small dog. They could strip a carcass in a matter of minutes, each carrying back some fluttering ribbon of flesh to the recesses of whatever dark cave the swarm had chosen for its home. Moreover, some VART packs were rabid." Pg. 26, Outlaw of Gor.

VART, JUNGLE (animal): a relative of the northern vart, it inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi. "In the lower branches of the "ground zone" may be found, also, small animals, such as tarsiers, nocturnal jit monkeys, black squirrels, four-toed leaf urts, JUNGLE VARTS and the prowling, solitary giani, tiny, cat-sized panthers, not dangerous to man." Pg. 312, Explorers of Gor.

VASK {time} One of the units of time on a Gorean clock."...taking the Sardar as our "north pole" the other directions, clockwise as Earth clocks move OGorean clock hands move in the opposite direction) would be, first Ta-Sardar-Var, then, in order, Ror, Rim, Tun, VASK..." Pg. 3, Nomads of Gor.

VEIL (noun): a covering or coverings for the face, worn by free women in many city-states; up to five are worn. See house veil, last veil, pride veil, street veil, veil of the citizeness. "Some of the nomads VEIL their women, and some do not." Pg. 170-171, Tribesmen of Gor.

VEIL OF THE CITIZENESS (noun): the second of the veils worn by free women; worn under the pride veil andover the last veil. "It was light, and shimmering, of white silk, almost transparent. Then, one after the other, she added the freedom veil, or VEIL OF the CITIZENESS, the pride veil, the house veil, and the street veil." Pg. 106, Slave Girl of Gor.

VELLA (person): the name for Elizabeth Cardwell which came from the fact that Kamchak was never able to pronouced her name correctly, instead calling her E-liz-a-beth-card-vella. Tarl began calling her vella for short. "Kamchak had never been able to pronounce her name, which he regarded as of barbarian length and complexity. "E-liz-a-beth-card-vella" he would try to say, adding the "a" sound because it is a common ending of feminine names on Gor." Pg. 173, Nomads of Gor.

VEMINIUM (plant): a blue wildflower commonly found on the lower ranges of the Thentis mountains, the flower is used in perfumes. "...the walls, the columns, even the bottom of the pool, were decorated with representations of VEMINIUM, and many of the plants themselves were found in the chamber." Pg. 164, Assassin of Gor.

VEMINIUM, DESERT (plant): small, purplish flower found in the Tahari; used in perfumes. "The VEMINIUM is a small, lovely Gorean flower, softly petaled and blue." Pg. 91, Rogue of Gor.

VENNA (transportation): a tarn ship, sister ship to the Tela, both owned by Bosk, commanded by Tab. "There, far off, I could see my tarn ship, the VENNA." Pg. 267, Raiders of Gor.

VERNA (person): the leader of the Panther Girls who captured Elinor, Lana, and Ute. "The tall girl, the blond girl, their leader, called VERNA, lithe in the skins of forest panthers, in her golden ornaments, with her spear, strode to where Lana lay on the grass on her side, bound and gagged." Pg. 119, Captive of Gor.

VERR (animal): a wild, agile, ill tempered mountain goat found in the Voltai Mountains, it has long hairand spiraling horns. it is used for its wool-like fur and its milk, which is drank or made into cheese and butter. "The VERR was a mountain goat indigenous to the Voltai. It was a wild, agile, ill-tempered beast, long-haired and spiral-horned." Pg. 63, Priest-Kings of Gor.

VERR CHEESE(food): made from the rich sweet milk of the mountain goat like animal of the Voltai Mountains. "...CHEESE of the VERR, and a sack of red olives from the groves of Tyros." Pg. 114, Raiders of Gor.

VICTORIA (place): A freshwater port on the Olni River, which is a tributory of the mighty Vosk river. A thriving river town which was instrumental in the defeat of the Vosk. A member of the Vosk League, 19 river towns united against river piracy on the Vosk. "The headquarters of the Vosk League is located in the city of VICTORIA. I suppose there are speical historical reasons for this, for VICTORIA is not centrally located on the river, say, betrween the delta to the west and the entry of the Olni into the Vosk on the east, which point, incidentally, is controlled by the city of Lara, a member of the Salerian Confederation. VICTORIA lies rather toward the west, in the reaches traditionally more subject to Cosian influence." Pg. 34, Renegades of Gor.

VIKA (person): of Treve; the one who Tarl shared a chamber with when first in the Halls of the Priest-Kings, who was placed there to trick Him into bending to her will, put there by Sarm, the First Priest-King. "I had once known a girl from Treve. Her name had been VIKA." Pg. 274, Raiders of Gor.

VINA (person): the name which Bosk gave to Vivina after purchasing her for his slave. "You are VINA," I told her." Pg. 232, Raiders of Gor.

VINCA {person}: a red haired paga slave who was first girl. "What have you been called that pleases you?" I asked. "If it pleases Master," she said, "I should like to be called VINCA." "You are VINCA," I said." Pg. 225, Hunters of Gor.

VIOLET GRASS (plant): a many grass like plant which is tinged with many shades of purple, used for its color in gardens. "He picked up a stalk of a patch of VIOLET GRASS, one of several hues used in the gardens, and began to chew on it." Pg. 216-217, Nomads of Gor.

VIRGIN ANKLET (noun): an anklet placed on a virgin slave to identify them as such. "I then felt a sturdy metal anklet closed about my left ankle, where the bells had been. It snapped shut. I had no doubt it locked. I gathered there might be different sorts of such anklets. This one, I had gathered, was a "VIRGIN ANKLET." Pg. 48, Dancer of Gor.

VIRGIN BLOOD TASTING (rite): after a slave's virginity is taken, it is common that the Master take the blood of her taking, placing a bit on her lips, she must taste it. "On the interior of my left thigh, reddish brown, dried now, lay a streak of blood, my virgin blood, which never again would I be able to shed. He, as in a primitive rite, I being only a slave, had forced me to taste it. He had taken it on his finger and thrust it roughly in my mouth, smearing it across my lips and tongue and teeth, making me take into my own body the consequences of his victory, my ravishing, my deflowering, and then, as he held my head in his hands, forcing me to look into his eyes, swallow." Pg. 71, Slave Girl of Gor.

VIRGINIA KENT (person): a women of Earth brought to Gor with Phyllis Robertson whom Tarl met while posing as Kuuris, a slave in the House of Cernus. "VIRGINIA KENT, straightened herself, bent down and picked up her pitcher of Ka-la-na, smiled shyly, and approached her guard. He put forth his goblet but, suddenly, unexpectedly, she drew back the pitcher. "What is the meaning of this?" he cried." Pg. 239, Assassin of Gor.

VISES{tools}: used to hold items still, usually a slaves leg for branding. "Then, with two keys, hanging on tiny chains at the sides, he tightened the bands. They were VISES." Pg. 51, Hunters of Gor.

VIVARIUM (place): an area where humans would be taken and dissected, whether for research or study, by the Priest-Kings. "If I had my wish," said Sarm, "he would be sent to the VIVARIUM or the dissection chambers." Pg. 92, Priest-Kings of Gor.

VIVINA (person): a FW of Tyros, ward of Chenbar, brought to Cos at one time in hopes of being made a FC to Lurius, the Ubar of Cos. "To one side, in a silken veil, richly robed and jeweled, sat VIVINA, the ward of Chenbar." Pg. 174-175, Raiders of Gor.

VOLTAI RANGE {place}A mountain range which looms over the Plains of Turia. Thought to be where the Vosk River begins."I supposed it to be somewhere in the realm of Ar, perhaps to its northeast, among the foothills of the VOLTAI RANGE." Pg. 271, Captive of Gor.

VONDA (place): A fairly large port city on the Olni river, which took part in a disastrous territorial war against Ar. Now rebuilt, it is known for its production and training of male Gladitorial fighting slaves. It is therefore a large Gladitorial center. Free women are typically well received there, and several of the training houses are owned by free women. "I think there is little doubt that the cessation of hostilities in the north was in no little part a function of the generosity of the men of Ar, a not impolitic generosity in my opinion, in sparing Lara the fate of VONDA." Pgs. 61-62, Rogue of Gor.

VOSK CARP (animal): like the Earth carp only larger. "...I saw the sudden, rolling yellowish flash of the slatted belly of a water tharlarion, turning as it made its swift strike, probably a VOSK CARP or marsh turtle." Pg. 1, Raiders of Gor.

VOSK GULL (bird): a bird like the earth gull, which lives around the rivers and marshes. "..until the three half-feathers of the VOSK GULL lay at my jawbone; I took breath and then held it, sighting over the pile; there must be no movement; then I released the string." Pg. 71, Raiders of Gor.

VOSK LEAGUE (place): an alliance of 19 towns (Fina, Forest Port, Hammerfest, Iskander, Jasmine, Jort's Ferry, Point Alfred, Port Cos, Ragnar's Hamlet, Sais, Siba, Sulport, Tafa, Tancred's Landing, Tetrapoli, Turmus, Ven, Victoria, White Water formed to keep the Vosk River clear of pirates & to promote trade. "To be sure, in virtue of their mutual distrust of Cos and the Salerian Confederation normally maintained close relations, and the VOSK LEAGUE, a confederation of towns along the Vosk, originally formed, like the Salerian Confederation on the Olni, to control river piracy, was, at least in theory, independent of both Ar and Cos." Pg. 33, Renegades of Gor.

VOSK RIVER (place): a large river which gradually empties into the Tamber Gulf, source of much in way of food. "And then the dawn came and, over the buildings of Port Kar, beyond them, and beyond the shallow, muddy Tamber, where the VOSK empties, we saw, I for the first time, gleaming Thassa, the sea." Pg. 124, Raiders of Gor.

VOSK RUSHES (plant): a plant found in the marshes, similar to reeds. "It was formed of pliant, tubular, lengthy VOSK RUSHES, bound with marsh vine." Pg. 1, Raiders of Gor.

VOSK SORP (animal): a giant clam that thrives in the seas and marshes of Gor, the shell of which is large enough to be used as a throne. "He sat upon a giant shell of the VOSK SORP, as on a sort of throne, which, for these people, I gather it was." Pg. 14, Raiders of Gor.

VOSK TURTLE (animal): a carnivorous turtle which lives in the Vosk. "It might, too, be a VOSK TURTLE. Some of them are gigantic, almost impossible to kill, persistent , carnivorous." Pg. 204, Nomads of Gor.

VOYAGES OF ACQUISITION (noun): voyages made to Earth by the PriestKings to gather biological samples;this perhaps accounts for the similarity in many animals, as well as in language and culture, between Earthand Gor "Frankly," said my father, "I believe the ship was remotely controlled from the Sardar Mountains, as are saidto be all the VOYAGES OF ACQUISITION." Pg 32, Tarnsman of Gor.

VULO (bird): a tawny-colored poultry bird, similar to a pigeon, which also exists in the wild; used formeat and eggs. "She had been carrying a wicker basket containing VULOS, domesticated pigeons raised for eggs and meat." Pg. 1, Nomads of Gor.