There are few rules for slaves, but the rules there are, remain extremely important and to be followed best to ones ability. Following are some of those rules as they apply to the Cavern.


     between a Master and His own slave

     between any slave and the ranking Member in the room

     and in case of dire urgency

  if PM'd without permission, slaves are to:

   A. warn the Person in PM that they are breaking the Rules,,,,and tell them to ask in the open

   B. if the person PM's a second time,,,the girl is to cut n paste the PM, and post it in the open

   C. if it continues, either ignore, or find a Mod on the site

2.    A slave shall NEVER address a visitor/anonymous person who enters, no matter if the visitor/anonymous        person addresses the slave first...this is more for the slaves protection then anything else...they are not        allowed to serve then drinks or food, or anything else. This is a VERY important rule.

3.    A slave shall cooperate with other slaves. If a slave is given advice by another, accept it willingly as that slave        may only be trying to help. Slaves are sisters/brothers and need to support each other, any arguing between        slaves will not be addressed by Masters, therefore, the slaves should speak in private, as not to bother the        Masters present.

4.    A slave shall never be disrespectful to ANY Master/Mistress, esp when the Master is angry with the slave,        her only response shall be "Yes Master" and leave it at that...always remember,the Master is ALWAYS        right.

5.    Upon entering, a slave shall first greet their own Master, the Leader, then Members *Masters*, then visiting        Masters/Mistresses and finally slaves...NO EXCEPTIONS!!

6.    A slave shall first ask to server her Master, then the Leader, proceeding to each Master of the Cavern, then        the Guests, ensuring only that her own Master is the first asked.

7.    A slave of the caverns shall take part in maintaining the Caverns, there are many chores, each listed below, if        one is not serving, which need to be done daily:

      A.   feed animals

      B.   milk bosk and verr

      C.   clean servery

      D.   clean main cavern *sweeping, etc*

      E.   gather wood

      F.   gather fruit

      G.   make meals

      H.   shake furs

      I.   add wood to fire, keep them going

      J.   check botas

      K.   gather bosk dung from pens for fuel for fires

      L.   fill botas

      M.   make wine, mulled ka-la-na, spiced mead, etc.

      N.   clean bat dung

      O.   mending

      P.   washing clothes

      Q.   keeping Master's feet warm

      R.   make cheese

      S.   make butter

      T.   inventory all supplies to ensure they are plentiful

      U.   make bandages

      V.   make kanda salve

      W.   if A/anyone has a wound, check and redress it if needed

      X.   make sure water pails and barrels are filled with fresh

      Y.   make sure needles used in medical are daily sterilized

      Z.   make desserts, jerky, etc for Masters to snack on

There are plenty of chores, choose one, and try to vary them so one girl is not left always with gathering dung.

19.  if unsure if the Person is male or female, then use Master..They will correct you *

20.  NO SILK COLOR IS BETTER THEN THE NEXT, each slave is equal, they all are learning, even reds and         whites..a slave who stops learning, stops being a true slave. ALL ARE EQUAL!

21.  Ask Each Master/Mistress individually if you may serve them, NEVER use a general asking, tis not         honorable.

22.  A slave ALWAYS asks to leave the Cavern...if after 3 times of asking, still is not given, then she may depart, if         told NO then she may not leave

23.  A slave will always ask permission of her Master or the Cavern Ubar before accepting a gift offered by         Another.