Kajira of Gor Pg 278

"Remember that you are only female slaves. You exist for the service
and pleasure of men. When you go out there drip with obedience and
sensuousness. Let every glance, every look and movement, signify to
men the promise of untold pleasures, and if any of them should so
such as snap his fingers, see that you fulfill that promise and a
thousand times more."

Tribesmen of Gor Pg 360

"May I call you Tarl?" she asked.
"Only if given permission," I told her. This was normal Gorean slave
custom. Generally, of course, such permission is not even asked,
and , if asked would be denied. Sometimes a girl is whipped for even
daring to ask this permission. "A girl asks permission to call her
Master by his name," she said. "It is denied," I said. "Yes, Master,"
she said. I would not permit the slave girl to speak my name. It is
not fitting that the name of the master be soiled by being touched
by the lips of a slave girl."

Hunters of Gor Pg 15-16

"The Gorean slave, in the eyes of
Gorean Law, is an animal, with no legal title to a name."

Captive of Gor Pg 287

"Who!" she demanded. "I did," I cried. "I did!" "Speak as a slave!"
demanded Ute. "El-in-or betrayed Ute!" I cried. "El-in-or betrayed Ute!"

Raiders of Gor pg 25

"According to Gorean custom, a slave is an animal, and may be disposed
of as an animal, in whatever way the master might wish, whenever he
might please."

Outlaw of Gor pg 53-54

Perhaps it should only be added that the Gorean master, though often
strict, is seldom cruel. The girknows , if she pleases him, her lot
will be an easy one. She will almost never encounter sadism or wanton
cruelty, for the psychological environment that tends to breed these
diseases is largely absent on Gor. this does not mean that she will
not expect to be beaten if she disobeys, or fails to please her

Explorers of Gor

Respect and attention is not due to you, that it need not be accorded
to you. You are slave. In actual practice of course, masters tend to
put a great deal of attention to the thoughts and feelings of their lovely
slaves. It is rewarding and delicious to do so. How wonderful it is to
know another human being so intimately, especially one one owns.
There are no secrets between master and slaves. Her deepest thoughts
and desires, as well as her most trivial fancies and observations,
are open to him and, because he own her, of great interest to him.
A man is much more likely to be intensely fond of a girl he owns than
of a free individual toward whom he stands in a mere contractual
relationship. The later he does not own; the former he does. The
owned girl is valuable; she is precious; this makes her much
different from a business partner. For what it is worth, the most
intimate and deepest loves I have known have been between masters and
their slaves, that between the love master and their love slave.

Fighting Slave of Gor

The slave girl is commonly desired and prized by her Master; she is
one of his treasures. The Gorean master, interested in her and
attentive to her, wants to know everything about her, in its
complexity and intimacy. He wants to know her thoughts, her emotions
and feelings, in their feminine, lyrical detail. Conversing with a
lovely slave is one of the many pleasures of owning her. it is almost
impossible for a girl to keep her thoughts and feelings from her
master. He knows her too well. Most girls are extremely responsive
to their masters, and love them deeply, with that incredible love
which can be known only by an enslaved woman, that love which a
woman can accord only to a man who is her total master.

Outlaw of Gor pg 54

Paradoxically, the Gorean, who seems to think so little of women in
some respects, celebrates them extravagantly in others. the Gorean
is extremely sensitive to beauty; it gladdens his heart, and his
songs and art are often paeans to its glory.

Tarnsman of Gor pg 21

We met in the centre of the room and embraced. I wept, and he did,
too, without shame. I learned later that on this alien world a strong
man may feel and express emotions, and that the hypocrisy of
constraint is not honoured on this planet as it is on mine.

Marauders of Gor pg 289

The other girls , resenting the tunic she had been given, had
stripped her. Svein Blue Tooth had laughed, Masters do not interfere
in the squabbles of slaves.

Nomads of Gor pg 29

What he said did not surprise me. the Gorean Master, commonly, likes
a spirited girl, one who fights the whip and collar, resisting until
the last, perhaps months later, she is overwhelmed and must
acknowledge herself his, utterly and without reservation, then
fearing only that he might tire of her and sell her to another.

Explorers of Gor pg 14 & 15

"Preposterous," said Samos. "She is only a slave, only a thing to
serve, and to beat and abuse, if it should please me." "But is not
any slave," I asked, "even a love slave?" "That is true," said Samos,
smiling. Gorean men are not easy with their slaves, even those for
whom they care deeply.

Explorers of Gor pg 15

"But let us not speak of slaves," I said, "girls who serve for our
diversion or recreation, but of serious matters. of the concerns of
men." "Agreed," said he. There was a time for slaves, and a time for
matters of importance.

Tribesmen of Gor pgs 42 & 43

It is not uncommon for masters to pride themselves on the depth with
which they know their slave girls; this depth is far greater in my
opinion than that with which the average husband of Earth knows his
wife; the slave girl is not simply someone with whom the man lives;
she is very special to him; she is a treasures possession; he owns
her; he wants to know profoundly and deeply, the background, history,
the mind, the intelligence, the appetites, the nature and dispositions
of his lovely article of property; this knowledge, of course, puts
her more at his mercy; by making it possible for him to manipulate
her feelings, exploit weaknesses, drop asides, etc., she in the
helpless condition of slavery, it gives him greater power over her.
For example, it is common for a Master to force his girl to speak at
length and in detail to him of the secret sides of her nature,
explaining and elaborating on her fantasies; if she is literate, she
may be forced, naked and collared, on her knees at a small table,
sometimes with her ankles shackled, to write them out; this supplies
the Master, of course, with abundant materials which may be used by
him to make her further and more helplessly his; sometimes the girl
attempts to deceive the master; it is not difficult to detect
inauthenticity in such matters; she is then beaten; too, she may be
at times ordered to invent fantasies, sometimes of a certain type;
these, too, for she has invented them, are, to an astute Master,
instructive; these intellectual, emotional exercises, performed by
the girl under the condition of slavery, particularly if coupled with
an enforced exercise regime, posings under male surveillance, and
such, can do much to sensitize her to her collar; they awaken her
body, and, of equal importance for the Gorean, though not for the
Earthling, who sees sex with the perception of a hippopotamus, as a
matter of body rubbings, her fantastic imagination and mind; she
becomes curious, soon, about the deeper implications of what she is,
a mere article of her Masters property; then, with authority, with
assurance and power, to the depth and height of her mind and
imagination she is taught; the slave girl experiences a paradox of
freedom; the free woman is physically free, but miserable, fighting
to be what she is not; the slave girl, physically in bondage, even to
the collar, sometimes chains, is given no choice by men but to be
totally and precisely what she is, slave; such women, slaves,
interestingly, are almost always joyful and vital; they are
paradoxically, in their feelings and emotions, liberated; they are
not pinched, not psychologically restrained; why this should be I do
not know; to see such women, their heads held high, their eyes bright,
their bodies , movements, beautiful, as no earth woman would dare to
be, is quite pleasurable; some of them are so insolent, so proud of
their collars, that I have cuffed them to my feet, to remind them
that they are only slaves.

Assassin of Gor pg 12

Similarly, slaves on the whole, do not address free men by their

Nomads of Gor pg 60

Slave girls on Gor address all free men as Master, though, of course
only one such would be her true Master.

Explorers of Gor pg 20

In one long corridor we passed two girls, naked, on their hands and
knees, with brushes and water, scrubbing the stones of the corridor
floor. A guard, with a whip, stood over them. They fell to their
bellies as we passed, and then, when we had passed, rose to their
hands and knees, to resume their work.

Blood Brothers of Gor

"The slave is totally subject to the Master in all ways, and in all
things. She is his to do with as he pleases. She depends on him for
her food and the merest scrap of her clothing, if any. She is subject,
completely , to his discipline, to his abuse and his whip. She is
owned, like a sandal or saddle. She may be slain even on a whim, if
her master wishes"

Hunters of Gor Pg 84

A slave girl is not permitted to conceal anything from her master.
She is his. She must be completely open to him, in all ways, and at

Assassin of Gor Pg 91

"These girls are not much good yet," said Ho-To. "They are only in
the fourth month of their training. It is good for them to get the
practice, hearing and seeing men respond to them. That is the way to
learn what truly pleases men. In the end, I say, it is men who teach
women to dance."

Outlaw of Gor Page 53

Perhaps it should only be added that the Gorean master, though often
strict, is seldom cruel. The girl knows, if she pleases him, her lot
will be an easy one. She will almost never encounter sadism or wanton
cruelty, for the psycological environment that tends to breed these
diseases is largely absent from Gor.

Hunters of Gor Page 65

The talender, fixed in her hair, is
a slave girl's wordless confession, which, commonly, she dares not
speak, that she cares for her master.

Magicians of Gor pg 312-313

I am a slave girl. I live to be the
obedient, grateful, vulnerable object of such lust and power. I have
always dreamed of it. I wish to be choiceless, to be overpowered and
made to serve!"

Magicians of Gor pg 217

Slaves, of course, like other animals,
are expected to drink from the lower level of a fountain, and
generally, on all fours.

Magicians of Gor pg 202

"And you owe me nothing?" she said.
"No," I said. "We owe you nothing." The I added, "Nothing is owed a

Kajira of Gor Page 57

My original name was Susan," she said.
"My last name does not matter. When I became a slave, of course, my
name was gone. Animals do not have names, except as their masters
might choose to name them. The name 'Susan' was again put upon me,
but now, of course, I have it only as a slave name"

Magicians of Gor pg 315

The slave is a joy and a convenience
to the warrior."

Vagabonds of Gor pg 460

the slave girl is not permitted

Magicians of Gor pg 317

I said, "your wishes are unimportant.
Your are a female slave. It will be done with you as men, and
masters, please."

Magicians of Gor pg 193

In her eyes there were awe and
admiration for Marcus. She saw that he would not hesitate to impose
discipline upon her. "It is common," I said, "for a slave to request
permission to speak."

Vagabonds of Gor pg 486

"May I speak, Master?" asked the girl. "Yes," I said, as Marcus
would not respond to her. This permission may be given by any free
person and is effective, unless it is overruled by the true master.

Magicians of Gor pg 330

"She is a slave," I said. "Anything
could be done with her." "By her master," he said. "Not just
anyone." "True," I said. One did not have the right to kill or maim
the slave of another, any more than any other domestic animal which
might belong to someone else.....The power of the master over the
slave, on the other hand, is absolute. He can do whatever he wishes
with her. She belongs to him, completely.

Magicians of Gor pg 10

A slave girl is often very careful
about meeting the eyes of a free man directly, particularly a
stranger. They can be cuffed or beaten for such insolence...

Vagabonds of Gor pg 446

"Where are we going?" she asked. "Curiosity," I said, "is not
becoming in a kajira."

Magicians of Gor pg 306

"I am a slave girl," she said. "I
must speak the truth."

Magicians of Gor pg 134

A slave, you must understand, must
sometimes serve such purposes." Her eyes were wide. But one of the
utilities of a slave, of course, is to occasionally serve as the
helpless object upon which the master may vent his dissatisfaction,
his frustration or anger. Too, of course, they may serve many other
related purposes, such as the relief of tensions, to relax oneself
and even to calm oneself for clear thought.

Tarnsman Of Gor Pg 46

"…slaves were not permitted to impart instruction to a free man,
since it would place him in their debt, and nothing was owed to a

Tarnsman Of Gor Pg 46

"One of the first lessons I was taught on Gor was that concern for
a slave was out of place."

Tribesmen Of Gor Pg 183

"Girls are not, commonly, permitted
to speak the name of their master. He is addressed as, or responded
to, as ‘Master’ or ‘my Master.’ "

Slave Girl of Gor pg 94

I had been thrown to my Master's men. One after another had raped and
beaten me, and thrown me to the next. I was handed about as an object
fierce was the discipline that they handed me.

Tarnsman Of Gor Pg 165

"The girl was not pleased to be delayed on her errand, but a slave
on Gor does not wisely ignore the address of a free man. She spit
the coins in her mouth into her hand, and told me what I wanted to

Plunder Of Gor Pg. 194-195

"Most slaves, of course, feed themselves, and in the vicinity of the
master. If he sits at a table, she will kneel near him. If he sits
cross-legged, at one of the low, small tables found in many Gorean
domiciles, indeed, almost universally, she will also kneel, usually to his
right, at the same table. She may not, of course, as she is a slave, feed
until permitted, just as she may not dress herself or speak without