He is Master, I am Slave
He is owner, I am owned
He commands, and I obey
He is to be pleased, and I am to please.
Why is this?
Because He is Master, I am Slave.

Explorers of Gor page178-179

A SLAVE DOES NOT..... into the cavern and *leap, pounce, jump, hop, etc etc* into her Masters
shows disrespect in the greatest to assume you are good enough to be allowed on His lap. DO NOT DO IT.

...kiss her Masters lips. He is the one Who will kiss if He wishes it, DO NOT
ASSUME He wants to touch your lips at all. you may offer slave lips, but NEVER EVER kiss your Master
on the lips. Cheeks, hands, neck, etc is fine, but never the lips, without His permission EACH TIME.

...argue, fight, nor not take the helpful advice of her sisters. This also
is a dishonor to the ko-lar you wear in that it shows you are not willing to be shown the right ways to
do things. This includes doing your share of chores AND criticizing sisters who do. To be willing to
do as many chores as you can, shows pride and honor to the ko-lar you wear. DO NOT criticize
others for being true slaves while you sit and laugh about them. jealousy or anger to her Master or any other Master. This is one of
the best ways to get yourself killed by your own Master or Another that you may be angry with. Control
your temper, go do a chore, help your sisters, do something to remove the anger. Jealousy is the emotion
which emerges when you are unsure of YOURSELF, not angry at another. Overcome the jealousy by
telling yourself you are good, you are able to do anything your Master wishes. Afterall, you are here
for the pleasure of your Master, and THAT DOESN'T mean physical pleasure always. Chores, doing
as He says, etc are all very important, so show your devotion by being there for Him and Him alone,
forgo the jealousy, it only makes one ugly. another Master without permission, or a sister without the permission
of that sisters' Master. This is not only rude but disrespectful. ALWAYS ASK.

...complain about your chores. you are ONLY a slave, show honor to your
ko-lar and do what is assigned you WITHOUT complaint. If you do not know how to do the chore, ASK,
any sister will be happy to help you learn. GDC is "family" and each works together to make it stable
and happy.

...try to defend her Master to Others. It is not the "chore" of the slave to
"protect" her Master, or His name in any way shape or form. All it succeeds in doing is showing Others
that He is not able to care for Himself and needs a slave to do it for Him. To be jealous of a sister or
your Master only shows that you have not the confidence to be on a chain or to be a real slave. Be
Rid of it or leave Gor until you can handle it. Anger of a slave is also disrespectful to her Master,
contain it, if you need to, write all you feel in a letter and email it to yourself destroying it after. IT HELPS!

...take things on herself. If she has a problem with a sister or another
Master, EVERYTHING is taken to her OWN MASTER or Master Ubar. A slave never tries to "get back
at" or "harm" anothers property, and in arguing with or fighting with another sister, that is EXACTLY
WHAT SHE IS DOING. And to argue with a Master, can mean INSTANT DEATH. If you have
problems, take it first to the One Who owns you, then to Master Ubar, if your own isn't available.

...ask serve of a Master when His own slave is there to serve Him.
It is an insult to your sister, and makes it look like she is not able to do so. Be considerate, and
think of how you, yourself would feel. On the other hand, if the sister is being punished where she
is unable to serve, then it is acceptable, but always, ALWAYS icq the sister if you can, to let her
know you are, or ask to pm her.

...tend to the wild animals of Gor as though they are forever "pets". A
larl is a very dangerous animal, though it can live in captivity for a short time, when it reaches adult
age, it is ALWAYS released into the wild, for it then becomes unpredictible. A tarn is vicious from birth
and not to be taken lightly. A sleen is ugly and VERY vicious, an urt carries disease, neither are made
as pets, EVER. Handle ALL animals with great care and precaution, regardless if raised from birth, or
taken as a wounded animal. ALSO, even bosk and verr are very unpredictible, don't assume you can just
turn your back on them, as they may just gore you.

when posting to depart, ask 3 times, and PLEASE..NOT as such in the same post..
.eg: may this one depart *one, two three ask* and then leave, that is so dishonorable to ones home and
not respectful at all. PLEASE ask in 3 separate posts.