The word "HONOR" in online Gor seems to have lost its true meaning. Lately, it has been noticed that Many "Warriors" are seen pledging to more then one homestone, not being true to either, or deceiving Brothers in Their own for something as trivial as a slave. Brothers have been plotted against Brother by the manipulation of slaves whereas in the books, the slave would be killed for even attempting such things.

Where is the HONOR? Mayhaps One needs to read the book meaning of the word, to truly be able to delve inside Themselves to answer that question, and when ready, will be able to commit totally to the Homestone They choose without abandoning it when times are bad.

During these times They should join with Their Brothers to build a better homestone.

HONOR? If You can pledge to GDC and hold true that pledge as though it were Your soul, then GDC WANTS YOU! GDC wants ONLY Warriors with HONOR.

However, if You are only there because its "fun" at the time, and wander looking for "more excitement" in other places, You can go elsewhere and leave the Pride of Gor in GDC.