ALIA-festival or celebration

ARCHON-civil officer


BARA-prone on belly; see Positions


BINA-slave beads

BOTA-soft skinned water vessel normally used when travelling; it is noted to carry paga

CANJELLNE-challenge, contest

CARNARII (-ium)-places of refuse pits

CIVITATIS-citizen of



DAR-KOSIS-a disease on Gor that is incurable; "the Sacred Affliction" "the Holy Disease" (Tarnsman of Gor, Ch 9, 16 and ch 13)

DELKA-"D", river delta;

DOUBLE KNOWLEDGE-the difference between what people thought (taught) versus what intellectual's were expected to know:
First Knowledge, Second Knowledge, Third Knowledge (Tarnsman of gor, Ch 3, 23)


FALARINA-no longer a virgin



GEN-family; clan name (Kajira of Gor)

GLANA-state of virginity

GOR-Home Stone (Tarnsman of Gor, Ch 2, 33)

HAIL-Greeting for Freepersons that is usually reserved for recognized experts or champions in a particular field, from sword
fighting to game playing. har-ta: the gorean word meaning quick; to hurry.

HO-prefix indicating lineage, e.g. Ho-Cabot means 'son of Cabot'

HOME STONE-the homestone is the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social anchor of the Gorean; it is the city where the
Gorean dwells; it is the stone slab from which the city grew (Tarnsman of Gor)

HYDRIA-water vessel/container

INSULA(E)-inn or tenament

KAISSA-a board game, similar to chess, which is much favored on Gor. (Beasts of Gor, Assassin of Gor)


KAJIRA-female slave

KAJIRAE-female slaves (plural)

KAJIRUS-male slaves (plural)

KAJIRII-kajirii: male slaves (plural)


KANTHAROS-decanter, pitcher



KARTA-four-legged, to go on all fours

KI-no, not; signifying negation (Nomads of Gor)

KO-LAR-collar, emphasis of the pronunciation of the word collar

KURT-five-bladed slave whip made of leather

LA-I, I am (feminine)

LAR TORVIS-Gorean word for earth's sun (Tarnsman, Chapt. 2, Pg. 49)

LAVING BOWL-a washing bowl, Taharian veminium cleansing oils (Tarnsman, Chapt 4, Pg. 30 & Tribesmen of Gor)

LESHA-binding, to bind

LO-I, I am (masculine )

METAGLANA-state of viriginity

MIRA-my, mine

NADU-kneeling; common pleasure slave position; first position a slave is taught

OR-a unit of ten warriors of the Wagon Peoples.

PALESTRA (AE)-gymnasium

PASANG-a measure of distance on Gor, equivalent to approximately .7 of one earthen mile (Tarnsman of Gor, Ch 4, 15)

PHAROS-tower or keep; lighthouse

PHRATRY-a clan, a group of families


PROFALARINA-state preceding womanhood



SA'NG-FORI-"without chains"; freedom/liberty

SEMNIUM-meeting place

SIRIK-chains which go from a collar on the neck to the wrists and ankles.

SULA-prone on back

TAL-Gorean greeting



TASTA (S)-stick candy

TOR-sun, light

TOR-TU-GOR-Gor's sun, which means 'light upon the Homestone' (Tarnsman of Gor, Ch 2, 49)

TU-you, upon

VAR-Turning (Nomads of Gor)

VECK-The Gorean word for stand. (Slave Girl of Gor)

GRETUK's Gor-English Language page!



A: and, or, as well as (separate but equal idea: a ball and a bat)
AFEL: apple
AHLEEN{A}: beautiful
AK{A}: child(not a baby)
AKAB: brother
AKAS: clan (see also: tribe)
AKEE: children
AM: time
AMASIS: even stitch
AMUMBA: consideration, factor, thing to be reckoned with
AMUMBI: (to) amount to, be reckoned with, be considered
AMUMBIS: considering, concerning, amounting to.
AND{A}: brother sworn, a blood brother
ANDA: blood-sister
AP{A}: thick or wide
ANPEEM: cool, a little cold
APLAKA: cream
AR: durable, metal
ARAH JU: club, stick, wooden weapon ('wooden pummeler')
ARM{A}: army
AWS: axle
AYDUK: cloth, material


BAF: thing, item, idea
BAL{A}: air, wind
BAMAKAHD: Many writings, book
BANMA: tradition, rules of order
BAP{A}: but, except for, unless ('opposition' idea)
BAR{A}: different, separate, apart
BAR{A}: cliff, plateau, headland, land apart from the rest
BASQ{A}: basket
BAT{A}, Seeyok: boat, ship, [The word 'ship' is used in Gorean]
BAZJ: back, backward, both in motion and in time
BEEF: beef
BEEJI: (to) chew, bite
BI: (to) use
BISQ{A}: biscuit
BO: bow, something bent
BOGUL{A}: captive, prisoner
BON{A}: cap, bonnet
BORDANI: (to) need to drink, (to be) thirsty
BOSKI: (to) drive
BOTNA: available
BRAHKA: broccoli
BRAT{A}: cloak, coat, mantle
BRATACH{A}: banner, flag
BREG{A}: a break, a crack, a split
BREGI: (to) break, (to) rupture
BUN{A}: bunny, rabbit
BUQRI: (to) tire, work hard, wear out


CHAQ: cock
CHI: (to) try, attempt
CURLA: cord, typically red or black cord tied around a slave's waist


DALUN: awake
DALUNI: (to) awaken
DANI: (to) drink
DAREK: could be, might, could have been
DAVER{EE}: door(s), cover(s), lip(s), gate
DENT{A}: tooth
DENTEE: teeth
DON{A}: and, with, also, plus, (combination idea: coffee and(with) cream)
DOOVI: (to) chop, dice, cut up small
DRAFICHI: (to) believe on faith (not actually proven)
DRAK: truth
DRAKEEMI: (to) admit, tell truth
DUKMI: (to) desire, (to) hope, (to) wish
DUMRI: (to) apologize, (to) bow to superior judgement/ability
DUR: black; as in Kafka Dur: Black Wine (coffee)
DUR{MA}: dark, (night)
DWOR{A}: collar
DWORI: (to) collar, (to) enslave


E: a, an, the, this
EDIN{A}: desert, plains
EE: these, those, them
ER{A}: arrow


FADI: (to) cut, wound, hurt
FAD: cut, wound
FAFTI: (to) think, consider
FAHGAN: discipline, rule, order
FAHM: between, in the middle of
FASALEE: beans, seeds, nuts
FEQRA: table, flat surface
FERMI: (to) accept as proven, (to) believe from fact
FIJ{A}a: button, fastener, closing device
FIJI: to button, to fasten, to close, to fix in place
FON: to, toward, in, at(a place), on(some thing)
FORI: (to) ask, beg
FORI MA: when said by slave, means please
FROD: birth
FRODKI: (to be) born
FRODNASH: birthday
FUK{A}: deep
FUM{A}: brown, earth tone, dirt
FUR{A}: bath
FURAB{A}: bathroom


GAH: ache, dull pain
GAP{A}: tall
GAZJ{A}: bread
GAZJIS: baker
GER: tent, many rounded, curved poles, covered by felt
GIM: bird, small
GIR{A}: ax, any heavy cleaving tool
GOB{A}: beak, snout, mouth
GOHAS{A}: breakfast
GORMA: blue, sky color; Gorm usually refers to sky
GOTRA: useless
GOTRI: (to) destroy, make useless
GUR{A}: drum


HAB{A}: all(things), ever, every
HABAKA'AN: always, forever
HABI: (to) unify, make all into one
HAK{A}: alone, only, just
HAKA'AN: alone, only, just
HAVASI: (to) bend, be flexible, springy
HIG: beard
HOHG: another(one), more
HOK: argument
HOKI: (to) argue, debate
HOKMARIS: an ambush
HOKMARI: (to) ambush
HON{A}: book


IK: after, beyond, passed
IKDI: (to be) too much, the most
IKSEEK: beyond number, beyond counting
ISH{A}: doctor
ISHAN{A}: chicken
IV{A}: also, even


JAREEM{A}: brown, (old blood), rust
JAS{EE}: clothing (one piece), [clothing (plural)]
JASAQI: (to) make clothing
JASI: (to) clothe (yourself or someone else), (to) wear clothing.
JEER: tear, a drop of water
JERQ{A}: berry
JIMELERI: (to) become wise, (to be) enlightened, (to be) chosen
JUSH{A}: tree
JUSHEE: trees, woods
JUSHFASAL: nut, tree-seed


KAISSA: chess
KALB{A}: dog
KALUVA: chair, throne
KAMPI: (to) tell, speak, say, make words, meaningful sounds
KAN: body
KANG{A}: bird
KANGEE: birds
KANALEE: body signs/energies, auras, brain waves
KAPISTI: (to) allow, permit, give permission
KARI: (to) be, is, am, are
KAR{A}: (to) be; existence
KARPAR, KARPARA: bracelet, wrist metal
KAT{A}: cat
KAVI: (to) choke
KLANG{A}: bell, gong or chime
KOKA, CHAQA: Chocolate, Cocoa
KOO: completely, totally, fully, well
KRIS{A}: belt
KWAD(A), Pag(a): ale-like drink, local beer-equivalent
KWAFTI: (to) taste
KWANI: (to) become, get, have done, (slang)Why don't you...


LAYM: bad
LAZJ{A}: chest, container, box (normally wood)
LENG{A}: tongue
LENGI: (to)tongue, (to)lick
LOD{A}: dirt
LUCHON: dragon

MA: yes
MACH: city
MAHLAJACH: champion
MARTA: cow
MAYAM: pleasure
MAZJ: corn
ME: of
MEH: wish
MEKU: bird
ME'SHAN: slave
MIRA: my
MISHA: captured
MU: almost, about, approximately

---------------------------N to P

NARGA'AM: camp
NADRU: all
NASH: day,light
NE: for
NEIM: her
NERAK: foolish/stupid
NESHUK: please
NI: clan
NICHKI: bake
NIDAN: greets
NINJIN: carrot
NYKUS: victory
OIJIH: little
PAGAR: pleasure
PAG, PAGA: brew made from grain; short for Pagar-Sa-Tarna
PARABU: life
PASANG: distance -a gorean 'mile' (0.7 earth miles)
PASHEEN: best, greatest
PEEM: cold
PERDEECHI: degrade, lower, shame, deface
PLAYJ, PLAYJA: blanket
POK (A): bowl, bowls

---------------------------Q to R

QA: for
QAL: clean
QALEENGU: admiration,shared experience
QALMA: dove
QAM: daughter
QATH: QATHA: battle
QATHI: battle
QLAD: bank,shore,edge
QOLTI: check, inspect, test, investigate
RABCHI: do,make,do one's duty
RANGA: patience
RARIUS: warrior
RASTAR: warrior
RESHAKA: starshine
ROH, ROHA: before


SA: close,near distance, life, daughter
SA-FORA: chain daughter; another term for kajira
SAR: king
SATARNA: close to the core of life
SAHR: dinosaur, lizard, saurian
SALATKA: candy, sweets, desserts
SANI: faith sapa
SAPEE: boot, foot cover
SEEKI: count,number
SEK: dry
SE'O'PE: necessary
SEV: bring
SEZJ (A): bag,sack
SHAK: their
SHE: are
SHEKU: everlasting
SHE'VO: happiness
SHIMO: mouth
SHIVO: peace
SHUKAN: death, dead,corpse
SHUKI: die
SIR (A): cheese
SIS (A): by,because of,through,from cause
SKAWQA: cloud
SKOD (EE): bowl,bowls
SKOW (A): dish,plate,something to eat from
SLAT (A): pole,cane
SOOL: below, down
SOONIS: camp, encampment, place where the wagons are sitting
SOONA: seat
SUMI: do good
SUV (A): color, paint, dye


TABUK: antelope
TAHEM: wings
TAL: arm,greeting
TANLI: dance
TAR (A): base, bottom of something, to
TAREET (A): cake
TARI: drop (a thing)
TARNA: bottom of heart, core of being
TARS (A): ankle
TARSAR: anklet,leg-iron
TASUS: add
TASSANA: mother
TATEERA: very short slave dress
TAZJ (A): cup, drink vessel
TE'AN: sleeps
TEERA: dress(mid-length),toga
TEVU: sing/s
THAR: across
THREN (A): bird
THUMPA: dumb, stupid, having no desire to learn
TIRI: breathe
TOKAK: danger
TOKARI: buy, trade, barter
TOKRI: bring, get, have, take, hold, fetch
TOOSI: start, begin something
TOR: light
TORUIS: fire
TOS: cough
TRAN: thee
TRE'SHA: precious
TRIK: girl
TSIRQ: circle
TUMI: digest
TUVAS: baby,young one

---------------------------U to Z

UDAVISI: close,shut,seal
UDEGALB: dishonor,disrespect,shame
UDRAKIJAS: disguise
UFIS (A): dull, not sharp
UYELIS: building
VACHKI: cook, prepare food
VA: you/yours/in
VA'DELA: you're welcome
VAN: again
VANA'SHE: Master
VAR: where, resting
VARMA: blood
VECK: stand
VEE: direction,way
VEESHI: come sexually, have an orgasm
VEN: day
VIKTEL: triumph
VIDREW: acknowledge/truth
WA'ALI: bring,get,force to come along, "bring me" slave command
WALI: carry, support
WOO: above, up, on, upon
WOOK (A): bridge
WOOKI: bridge across
WOON (A): ceiling
YAS (A): bone
YELITA: come here
ZAG: animal
ZJA: await,anticipation
ZJAD: ass
ZJADFA: ass-hole
ZJAR: cave
ZJAT: brush
ZJEEMI: burning, in flames
ZJEP (A)(I): chain
ZJOOS: danger
ZJUNI: appear,look like, show, seem
ZJUR (A): copper


JA'NI TRAN DELA: My clan welcomes thee.

KAJIRA MIRA: My slave.

JA'LINA TRAN KIROU: My heart is open to thee.

SHIVAR: Peace be between us.

JAI NA VEN SEV A LAE AN SHE'VO A PORTE: May your day bring happiness and joy to you and yours.

JAI A KEH'RA GRESHAK TAHEM JULA: Jai a keh'ra greshak tahem jula = May you fly upon wings of glory.

KARI E YARA LAYBIS: That girl is a bitch.

TRI-SHENA: wind.

GA VA SHIVA: Go in Peace.

MEH NE KAR SHEKU, JA'HESA: Wishes for Love everlasting, my friend.

JAN DI ASHE DRENA KANTA VETHUK LINA: Travel with an open mind and heart.

TA-SARDAR-GOR: (Common Expression/Toast) To the Priest-Kings of Gor.