siren was born taysia, daughter of tianara, a slave of Port Kar..her father is rumored to be a great Captain, Bejar, Whose proud ships sailed the Thassa seas in search of riches which He collected and traded to Ubars of other cities around the sea in exchange for slaves of the highest quality. One of the slaves was tianara, a very young girl who was known throughout Port Kar for her beauty and skills. she was talked about in all Gor and wanted by All, but only One actually won her heart....Captain Bejar. tianara was purchased and taken to Captain Bejar, upon her first night there, she was taken by Him, and came with child. Knowing the meaning of such in the order of her Master, tianara went to Him and begged to speak...Captain Bejar, a seemingly heartless Man, listened to the slave, and denied her beg to become His Free Companion that her child may be born free. Returning to the kennels, she laid and cried for the unborn child. As the months passed, and the child grew within her, her regrets grew also, upon the day of birth, she seemed to have lost all desires to be a slave any longer, fearing only for her child, knowing it would never be free, something she'd always wished for of her own, weeping more as she was told the child was female. Her dark blue eyes shimmering with tears, she looked down upon the baby, tenderly touching her face before kissing her, and named her, in her heart only, taysia.....beloved daughter, then she breathed her last breath. The child was taken from her to be named by the Master of tianara. The name given, atia, meaning gift, for somewhere deep inside was a heart denied. Many said upon hearing of tianara's death, Captain Bejar departed for the seas, never to be seen or heard from again....and as He was last seen, a sparkle of dampness was seen upon His face, before He disappeared forever, given to the seas.

atia grew up cared for by the other slaves who knew her mother, loved and taught only the ways of truth and honesty. she and the other slaves who belonged to Captain Bejar, were sold to Master Gap Nar, Who cared not for a baby...she was never spoke to by Him, He was only interested in what He could do to hurt her as she grew, it seems. At the tender age of three, she was forced by Master Gap Nar, to be with her first male, something she never forgot and which still plagues her dreams. she, though, learned and grew strong from this experience, and those which followed. she was taught to be a pleasure slave, one skilled in all labors, and she studied her training fervently. Master Gap Nar, when atia was 10, decided He wished a Free Companion, and chose ukraszag.

atia was bought, along with the one who'd taken the place of her mother all these years, to Master Lazius. At first, much kindness was shown her, given a new name...siren, enchantress of the seas, and she grew up becoming more skilled at her duties, studying hard, though her new Master was rarely around, nor paid much attention to a young girl. After He vanished for a long period of time, siren waited faithfully, never forgetting her place. She worked hard and dutifully at her chores, given from Warrior to Warrior as she grew to learn all the ways of pleasure. In her 14th year, a Master happened into the camp where she lived. atia gazed upon Him, amazed at how strong and desireable He seemed to her, a young girl already experienced in the ways of pleasure. Each time He walked by her, she hoped upon hope that she would be chosen to be with Him, but each time she was passed by, until one day when the other slaves were away in the fields of sa-tarna, and siren had returned for more pails, the Master Whom she'd hoped for entered the small building, standing behind the slave while she searched unbeknownest to her that He was there. As she collected the pails and stood to turn, she noticed Him and dropped the pails, kneeling before Him, her heart racing. The Master knelt down with her and softly touched her face, then helped her gather the T/they stood, she dared to glance up at Him, seeing a gentle smile, she smiled back, embarrassed lowering her eyes quickly. Taking the pails, He set them aside and led her to the furs near the fires and there showed her a different way of pleasure, one which she'd never known. He stayed with her throughout the night and the following weeks, until one morning she awoke, and He was gone. As a slave, she knew this happened often, for she was only for a Master's pleasure, but she longed for the touch of that very Master again, and He remained in the back of her mind throughout her life. At the age of 15 she was released from the Master Whose return she awaited and given to Another in a sale which brought a very high price...the female whom had watched over her, was sold to a different Master, and siren never saw her again.

Master Perdeechiwo turned out to live up to His name..He was very cruel to the young siren, if she made even the smallest error, He would tie her to the slave pole and whip her unmercifully. He cared not for her nor what she felt, though her feelings towards Him remained full of dedication....and strange though to say, of love. she cried at night for that which she was never given, knowing this Master took any of the slaves and had many which He was with, though telling her she was special. siren trusted this cruel Master and believed His every word, clinging to the trace of hope given her by her mother, not wanting to release it and be lost forever. siren did everything she could to please the Master she wanted so much to get His approval, but always falling short. siren started to lose hope, even her closest friend was able to win favor in His eyes, but she was always denied. she began to lose the will to live any longer, during her 17 years as a slave, she had not once known desire from a Master other than that of animals, she had never known love, and she was becoming disheartened to it, beginning to not wish it any longer.

When she was finally sold at the age of 20, she no longer cared for love or wanted anything to do with it, so she told herself, for it brought only pain. Master Qlad, One who had claimed to Many how much He wanted her. she was happy to find He desired nothing of love, she was happy to know that she was only another slave and accepted it. she worked harder on her skills and did all she could to please Him, and her inner strength began to grow. she fought for anything, and everything, and yet, like her mother, became known for her many skills. Master Qlad even had told her she was His "perfect slave", which made her proud...but shortly after, something happened which brought her to realize she was not as wanted as she was made to believe, and her trust crumbled. she knew as a slave, her feelings meant nothing to Masters, but in her heart, she cried out for the happiness others had which eluded her grasp. she then realized, she would never be loved, and came to accept it to cherish it and tried her best to believe it, but no matter how many questions she asked of Master Qlad of His reasoning for not fighting for her after wanting her for so long, she never received the answers to help her understand. she was again lost and finding it hard to move on....she was a slave.

One day, she asked audience with Master Qlad, kneeling before Him, she begged His release from the ko-lar which at one time brought her joy, now only brought pain. The Master refused to speak to the slave, and she was sent into the darkness of the hole, and left for days. Pieces of molding bread pieces and droplets of water which trickled down the stone walls of the hole were her only nourishment as she waited day after day, for the light which she was deprived. One day, she awoke to the sounds of fierce fighting above. she looked up trying to see anything which would tell her of the happenings about, and all she heard were the cries of the warriors. Curling up, she brought her legs to her thin body and put her head down, trying to block out the horrible sounds, but they still echoed muffled about her. After what seemed forever, the sounds silenced, and she heard one of her sisters talking about the place in which she sat. The first rays of bright sunlight pierced the darkness she'd known and she closed her eyes. Standing weakly, hoping she would be released from this place, she felt strong hands grab her and lift her into the light of day. Slowly opening her eyes, protecting them from the harsh sunlight, but welcoming the warmth on her shivering body, she saw the bodies of Some she had known from before, Those Whom she had learned from and served under. Fearfully, she turned her head to the side, seeing a great Warrior, she quickly knelt, her disheveled silks, torn and filthy, her once beautiful body, now dirtied from the days of being inside the hole and darkness, her skin was now paled and her eyes lifeless, no longer filled with the sparkling brilliance of hope they once held. As she knelt before the Master before her, she felt His hand under her chin, and she withdrew fearfully in reflex.

"Look at me, slave", an almost tender voice spoke with confidence to her. Unsure, never having been allowed to look into the eyes of a Master, siren lifted her head, then slowly her eyes, seeing the tall form of a Warrior silhouetted against the noon sun. His familiar, hazel eyes captivating and holding her gaze as slowly He reached down again and gently caressed her filthy hair.

"You do not remember Me, little one?" He asked quietly. siren listened to the voice, the words so familiar, as she looked up again, a smile passed over her lips, the Master Who'd shown her such tenderness long ago had returned and stood before her. As she fought back the tears of joy, she heard Him speak to the Slaver. "Yes, this one is beautiful, I will take her only." Knowing of how she looked, her mind confused, the Master looked down from the One Whom He was speaking to, taking out many pieces of gold, counting the carefully, He put them back into the pouch and tossed them to the Slaver. "This should more than cover what she is worth with much left over to allow You a comfortable life." Hearing His words, for the first time a tear of happiness not pain, trickled down her cheek, a soft smile gently kissed her lips as she felt the Master reach down and wipe the tear. "There will be no crying, slave, what is your name?"

Trying to speak, having not spoken in so long, her voice was gravelly and halted....trying again, she spoke in a hushed voice. "This girl is called siren, Master."

"Well, siren, I am your new Master...remember that." Looking up, siren watched as he then grabbed her hair cruelly as He continued, "you will learn of the ways of a Master, cruel and heartless." Crouching down beside siren, He leaned over and whispered in her ears so only she could hear, you will not cross me slave, you will find out I will take who I want and drop you whenever I feel like it. If I decide to leave you, then I will, without any choice of yours. You are only a slave and that is all you will ever be, worthless and less then the dirt beneath my feet. Remember this". Slapping her on her tear stained cheek, "go to the waters and attempt to make yourself worthy of this Master, slave, I willnot await your return".

Walking among the destroyed camp, the Master found a spot to sit, as siren stood and went to the falls, stopping only to take some of the talendar petals to bathe with before stopping at the edge of the water and removing her silks, letting them flutter to the ground as she stepped out of them, and walked beneath the falls, the coolness of the water welcomed upon her tired body. Rubbing the petals to her skin, the sweet scent released to her, taking great care in her cleaning, her hair washed thoroughly, she stepped from the waters, the gentle breeze softly caressing and drying the water which glistened upon her smooth skin. As she approached the camp, her succulent breasts rising gently with each breath, her heart beating wildly in fear as she neared the Master, her body trembling. Master Dk'tah Warrior glared at the slave, handing her red silks which she pulled over her head and tied at the shoulder. The man stood and looked at the Slaver, "Tal, Wind and Steel", then looking at the frightened slave, running His fingers through his own hair, spoke in a sharp tone, "Hair, slave". siren went to the left side of the Master, bending at the waist she drew her long river of blackness around her shoulder, twisting it, she offered it up to Him, a glint of terror noticed in her eyes, as she forced a smile curled the corners of her sweet lips. Taking ahold of her hair, the man departed the camp, never to return again.

And with that, he took siren to a new home, where she was kept in the ko-lar of Gretuk Dur Cavern to grow in her skills, perfecting them so she would not be killed or worse. When the time came, she was given to this man where she remained until he tired of her and true to his words, left her alone again. She had worked with all her heart to bring Him pride and honor, and, though the past returns to haunt her at times, she knows in her heart she had done all she could to make each of those she'd served happy, to never fail them. she knows the life of a slave is hard, and there are times she truly wished she would just melt into the grounds beneath her feet. But she also knows she is a worthless slave, without rights to anything, love, happiness, joy. They are beyond her reach, so she continues to try to just improve her skills to hopefully be used by another. As she was told, her feelings matter not, only those of the ones she serves. she is only siren, a gorean slave.