GDC is Gretuk Dur Caverns, Dark Feared Caverns, and it is located in a dormant volcano.
The honor of naming GDC was given to siren, who was made first girl at the start. The Leader
then gave siren permission to name the new home, and she chose Gretuk Dur Caverns to
emphasize the power of the Masters Who live there. The inside is like one would imagine a cave,
but it has an open dome which one can look up into the skies at night and see the moons, when
they arise to a certain point. beneath that dome, for the protection of tarn raids, is a tarn net, the
rope for that net is tied to the left on a hook, and locked, which can only be unlocked with a key *a
padlock type device is used*. The netting is very heavy and therefore only Masters remove it. Before
starting, the directions are as one faces the caverns from the outside

Outside the entry, is a grove of ka-la-na trees,and larma fruit trees, also bushes
of ramberries, a large garden is placed there also in the summer which grows celane melons, suls,
onions, carrots, and many other vegetables. Each of these is mentioned in the books, and each
is made very good use of.

Also to the left, running through the middle of the grove is a spring of fresh icy cold
water, about 3' wide, not very deep in most parts. This spring runs to the cliffs on the left and into a
waterfall which is majestic in nature and runs over to the plains far below. This a place where one can go
to shower in the waters, though
remember, tis cold.

There are large boulders on the left to sit on in the summertime, just to look out over
the land below and watch the fires of the many wagon camps on the plains below.

Bushes of ramberries cover the lower side of the cavern on the left of the entryway.
On the right side of the volcano is set up a pasture which holds the verr and bosk inside. it is open and a
wooden fence is set up around it to hold them in. There are posts inside the pasture to which one would
tie a bosk or verr when milking them.

The entry itself is well hidden as it the archers watch just above the entry. Tis covered
with vines and because of the volcano having many "coves" running back from the outside, it is unknown
which is the true entry, but those of GDC know. Walking down into the cavern, you will see a steel gate, open,
and then a leather curtain covering the main entry.

Upon entry to the Cavern, on the right, you will see 3 bins. inside these bins
are material, for silks, for tunics, and leather for pants and vests for the Masters...some heavier for making
boots. There is in a second bin tools of many sorts, and in the third, miscellaneous things, if one cant find it
elsewhere, look in the third bin, its like a junk drawer.

Walking along the west wall *to the right* you will see two pens, rather large, which
any animals about to, or just have given birth are placed along with the babies. these pens have a gate
to the inner cavern and a second gate to the outside, which is covered with leather. these pens must be
cleaned weekly, straw removed, taken to the pasture or put in the fires for fuel, trough emptied and
cleaned out, then refilled with water, dry dung picked up and put in the sack hanging on the hook between
the two pens. the bales of straw are to the right, between the bins and the pens, they are circled with
leather and two straps over the leather to hold them in bales. undo the straps and tear apart the bales
, spreading the straw into the pens when they are cleaned out.

Next to the pens, walking further towards the north end, is another large alcove,
with 3 cages only about 3' by 3' a tiny opening in the end to allow light in, a opening only large enough to slip
a very small bowl in or scraps of food if allowed by the Masters. slaves in here or anywhere in GDC are not
allowed food unless the Master okays it, then and only then they must still bring the food to the Master and
give it to Them so They can give it to you IF They wish to.

Behind the cages, is a pit, in the pit are sleen. The sleen snarling at night while a
slave tries to rest in the cages, remind the slave of their true worth. a slave is nothing. a slave is only as much
as her Master allows her to be. The sleen pit is where assassins, dishonorable slaves, etc have been sent to
be fed the vicious animals.

To the right of the "discipline" alcove, still walking north, is an opening to the lower
levels. There are many many mazes down there, and many a slave of GDC, ko-lared by GDC, found to be
players, have been lost down there, tis a running joke in GDC, when a slave vanishes for long periods of time,
tis said they got lost in the mazes. This is where slaves of GDC go during a raid, for if Those raiding ever
followed They would never find Their way out. The slaves of GDC know their way through these mazes, and
are therefore, safe.

Reaching the north end, opposite the entry, is a large alcove, deep. inside is the servery,
walking into it, on the right and left are counters made of stone, and shelves, many of them on the left,
made of stone lined with rep cloth. Upon the shelves are bowls, goblets, mugs, steins, plates, platters,
etc, etc. Beneath the left counters are smaller kettles and pots, slave vessels, which are wood, and
usually not in the best of shape, chipped, whatever. On the right beneath the counter are the larger
kettles and pails, many many pails. The counter on the left holds a basket of various fruit, sugars-both
white and yellow, horn spoons are in a container on the counter.

On the counter also is a "grinding" rock, which is a rock about 8" across, rounded on
the top, flat on the bottom which is used for various things, placed in a bowl, the round side up it can
be used to juice fruits, held by the bottom it can be used to grind grain into powder.

Next to the left counters are bins of grains, fruit storage, and vegetable storage.
The right counter has a dugout which holds the basin to wash dishes. Tis where the dishes are done,
rinsed and set out to be dried. There is a bota rack along the wall filled always with botas of the chilled
drinks. There are hooks upon

which empty botas are hung to be refilled. Upon the rack here, and near the fires are where the
filled botas are found. There is also a large cabinet in which "bottles" of the rarest of wines are kept,
also the slave wine and breeding wines are locked in this cabinet, the key can be gotten from Master Ubar.

In the center of the large servery is a natural boulder, about 4' high naturally flat on
top, used for preparing food, cutting up meat, preparing a killed bosk, tarsk, tabuk, whatever the Master
hunts and brings in.

At the very rear is another walkthrough. This leads into the medical alcove. When you
enter, on the left will be more stone shelves, there are many in GDC as everything is left in its natural
state. On the shelves on the left are containers of salves made from kanda. The kanda salve heals
almost instantly, and numbs also. Tis all that is needed for healing in the form of a salve, and is in the
books as one which does have very strong
near instant healing properties.

There are shelves on the right also, with herbs of all sorts, collected from the
forest which leads up to GDC. Kanda leaves are also found there. At the rear, walking around the second
of three "boulder" tables in GDC, are bins filled with cloth to make bandages, extra leaves to be prepared
for chewing or made into salve. To the right of that is a large shelf of many sized bandages, each put
according to their size. bandages have to be made by the slaves, as does the salves. The table is used
for the most serious of injuries, tis made of a boulder, carved flat by the Warriors of GDC.

Going back to the entry to the servery, and turning right, you will see the last of the 3
"tables" another boulder, carved out on top. This is where you will place foods for large gatherings, like
spar contests or dances, etc. Along the servery wall on the outside, as you walk back to the next alcove
is also a depression, which sets a tub. The stone floor there has a carved out area, one would make wine
there, the hole is to hold the keg which the juices of the fruit would empty from the opening in the bottom
end of the tub into. there are also places to hang pails in this area, to dry. Extra botas are placed there also.

Between that table and the servery entry, back in a little is another alcove. This is
covered by a heavy leather curtain. Inside is very cold air which is brought up through natural vents in the
rear of the alcove, from the lower levels of the cavern. This is the chillery, and all the extra meat, food,
drink are all stored there in kegs, barrels, and other wooden containers. Botas are not found here, as the
skin dries quickly and can crack if frozen in the chilled air entering from below. If anything runs low, go
there and resupply it. There are also steins and goblets in there which have been polished, tested for
flaws, dipped in water and placed near the vents to freeze the water and chill the vessel.

Leaving the chillery, moving to the right again, you will find 4 water filled crater like areas.
3 are connected. They all contain heated water from the heat which rises from below where the
volanic action still threatens. The water isnt real hot as the volcano has been dormant for years, and the
water runs past the colder levels which cools it somewhat, enough that one can bathe in it, etc. The
larger crater is the natural spa, filled with clear warm water..tis used for bathing, etc, and the water runs
off into an opening in the area, which is in a downhill depression. Next are 3 craters, one which is for
water to wash dishes, one for washing clothes, and the third for cooking.. the water there is hot also.

Moving to the right again, past the craters along the wall is nothing at the current
moment but for a large cabinet which holds many many weapons, it is locked at all times, there are also
whips, etc in there.

Beyond that on the southeast wall is a large ramplike which leads to the upper level,
on the upper level are the alcoves of each Master, covered again, only by lighter material. There is a
dance "training" area up there, as well as the archers watch which you saw over the entry to the caverns.
Around the entire inner perimeter above is the guards walk. The slave kennel is up there also. The
alcoves are listed on the webpage and you can see where each Masters alcove is located. at the
northeast corner of the upper level is an "escape" to the lower mazes in case of night attacks.

Beneath where the ramp runs, is the forge...warning..NEVER EVER EVER go near the
forge unless you are allowed to by the Masters for one can be seriously injured..dont even touch
the walls of it...inside is a large roaring fire kept going all year round, this warms the alcoves above
in the winter, in the summer a vent is put in which sends the hot air into the outside making the
dormant volcano seem as though it is still active.

In the center of GDC when facing it from the entry, to the left is a large tiled dance area,
for tile dances, etc. Beyond that is the sand pit which, in the center, stands a large wooden post.
This is used for sparring and punishing slaves and dancing in. It must be raked after every spar to
ensure there are no pieces of weapons, remember NEVER touch even a piece of a weapon, use
something to pick it up, without touching your hands.

In the very center is the large fire pit, grids over, spits, etc. It is always filled with roasts
of tarsks, verr, vulo, bosk, soups, blackwine in kettles set on the grids. On the servery side next to
the fire is the warming ovens and reg ovens, these are all stone and are heated by the fires from the
pit. The reg oven right next to the fire, gets the most heat. The warming oven has heated rocks in
the bottom and keeps food warm, water poured over the rocks steams foods also.

On top of each oven is a cooling area, you set pies, etc up there to cool. There is
a rack of botas near the fires, the warm drinks are kept there.

Around the fire pits are many many furs, a very large area is placed there with furs against
smaller boulders for the Masters comforts.

Three things to remember, unique to GDC. First, there are NO doors on anything,
cabinets, entrys, nothing, no doors at all. Secondly, there are NO bottles but for those which are locked
in the cabinet in the servery, the key can be gotten from Master Ubar. The reason for no bottles, is the
fact that 98% of GDC is stone, hard solid rock, and if a bottle were to be dropped, it would shatter and
could become a danger for the Masters, or slaves. Third, there are no chairs or tables, there are
boulders, 3 only, which were carved or naturally flat, which are used as other chairs or tables
exist. GDC uses all of nature in everyway They can to honor the Priest Kings and what They have given
T/them. There are also NO stairs in GDC only a ramp.