What Makes One a Warrior?

According the
Chronicles of Counter-Earth
(Books of Gor), many things
make up a Warrior.

The Warrior caste includes infantry, tharlarion
cavalry, and tarnsmen with red, of blood, being
their caste color.

From the "Outlaw of Gor", a Warrior may
love, but not show pity; the Gorean is
suspicious of the stranger, particularly
in the vicinity of his native walls.
Indeed, in Gorean the same word is used
for both stranger and enemy.

In "Assassin of Gor" it states
"Goreans are extremely sensitive about
names, and who may speak them. Indeed,
particularly those of low caste, even
have use names, concealing their true
names, lest they be discovered by enemies
and used to conjure spells against them."

From "Beasts of Gor", it states a Warrior
has little patience, and "less
tolerant of pretense then Men of Earth".

In "Tarnsman of Gor", Tarl Cabot comments
"The Code of the warriors, in general,
characterized by a rudimentary chivalry,
emphasizing loyalty to pride chiefs and
the home stone.

From "PriestKings of Gor", "I am of the
Caste of Warriors, and it is in our codes
that the only death fit for a man is that
in battle".

Just a side note, the word Urth is never
mentioned in the Chronicles of Counter-