What is a Master


To be a Gorean Master takes more then the ability to toss a ko-lar on
the first woman who enters your Homestone. It means much more than"furring", and much more then "punishment".
To be a Gorean Master One must have the ability to be a loving Guide, but stern; an Owner, but caring; and a
Teacher with patience. A master must be willing to take a slave and mold her to what He wants, not caring for
her needs. A Master may seem heartless, but he is also able to take up the responsibility of having a slave
who he knows gives her all to please him, but also does not let that go to the extent where the slave ends up
controlling him.He knows those limitations and honors that control in respect to safety and knows his slaves
limits. He is strong for his slave, and though she may be nothing and disposed of at the blink of an eye, he
knows the slaves which truly are there for his pleasure, not their own. It even says in Tarnsman of Gor, the
very first book, that concern for a slave is out of place. slaves are nothing but property, like a sandal, a rock,
a slave is nothing, does anyone ever ask a rock what they think or feel?

A Gorean master NEVER inflicts pain in anger. He is able to control his anger before he can control another.
He allows the slave mistakes, knowing through these mistakes, she will learn and grow to be a better slave.
A Gorean master watches other masters, learns from them always. As with a slave, a master never stops
learning, for when he does, he no longer has the desire to be a master.


1--Trust between a master and a slave is very important. Without trust, there is nothing.
2--Honor in himself, to know who he is and want that bad enough that no matter what, he
remains true to his homestone, to the point of not even desiring another home.
3--Strength, to not fold when a slave cries, to not give in to a slaves whining, to be a master
in every sense of the word and know that same slave will grow in her "lessons" if only he
is strong first.
4--To know himself, to be able to take a stand and not back down if it is in his true mind.
5--He needs to have his own mind in what he wants and yet be willing to learn, admit, and
accept, if wrong.
6--A Master needs to know what he owns, his slave, to be willing to talk if problems arise.
7--Wisdom to understand the thoughts of a slave before she speaks them.
8--Maturity, to know that life isn't all sexual and to be a Gorean Master involves much more than that.
9--Humanity, to be willing to listen to his slave, and allow her to voice concerns which may inhibit the
slave/Master relationship.
10-Compassion, to try to give the slave a chance, find out why she hurts or why she listen
with an open mind, but not be led into becoming the slave.
11-Responsibility for what he himself and his slave does, and deal with it as need be done, with honor.
12-Courage to admit to his own errors.
13-Ability to be a Teacher, to help his slave learn what he wishes and needs without anger.
14-Patient, never taking anything out in anger upon his slave.
15-Guide, to lead his slave to learn the true meaning of what it is to serve.
16-The ability to NOT spoil, a slave will never see you in a respectful way if you constantly feel the
need to "reward" her for every little thing she does. she will see you as weak. How can a slave
grow if every little thing she does is rewarded? she grows from the punishment, at times she CRAVES
the punishment to know you are the one in control, not her..its the way of a real slave...its how
she was brought up and to try to turn her another direction, spoils all she has spent her entire life
to learn. she does things because she is a slave, not because she expects "rewards". They
become meaningless if used over and over. Give them, if you feel, very rarely....and your slave
will crave it and then serve you better to get it.


1. Be honorable, be proud of Your homestone and vow to its allegiance until You no longer have breath...
and don't decieve it in the name of "lust" or personal hurt.

2. Allow a slave little, for then she will crave what You do given when YOU want it to be given.

3. Find a site with the books or read quotes from the books on how Gorean Masters are in there. It will
help a LOT.

4. NEVER allow a slave to tell You what to do, because it then places You in a slaves debt...something
which is VERY unMaster-like in Gor.

5. Do not allow a slave to get away with anything, for they will continue and it will get worse. Punish as
needed, and do NOT be afraid of hurting the slaves feelings...she is NOTHING but Your property.

6. Treat a slave as You would a piece of wood. That is what she is equal to. Your honor is at stake if You
ever allow a slave to Master You, instead of You Mastering her.

7. Think out and learn from Other Masters, punishment. What works, what doesn't, and don't be ashamed
to learn more from Other Masters. They will not think less of You.

8. Respect is to the Master, nothing is owed a slave ever.

9. A slave is NOT a Free, do NOT treat her as one. If a TRUE SLAVE wished to be treated as an equal,
she would be a Free, not a slave. This is what she craves and desires more than anything, control of the
Master, and in return, she will bring honor and respect to Your name. If You are not strong in Mastering
Your slave, she will become frustrated and not wish to please You any longer, knowing there are Other
Masters who can and will treat her as a slave should be treated.

10. A Master is a real Man, in every way. He demands respect and honor regardless and will give His
life for that.

11. Steer away from arguing with slaves or involving Yourself in their disputes. Same goes with FreeWomen,
do not argue with Them, its not worth it.

12. Teach Your slave humility, until You do, You still have a spoiled subbie who does not respect You.
Be strong and yet gentle, a difficult combination, but once met, brings the best of slaves out.

13. And last, do NOT be afraid to watch, read, ask questions and learn.


"An interesting contrast here is the Gorean master/slave relationship. Men tend to be extremely
interested in things they own, and tend, usually, to be quite fond of them. Owned women do not form
an exception to this general rule. The slave girl is commonly desired and prized by her master; she is
one of his treasures. The Gorean master, interested in her and attentive to her, wants to know everything
about her, in her emotions and feelings, in their feminine, lyrical detail. Conversing with a lovely slave is
one of the many pleasures of owning her. It is almost impossible for a girl to keep her thoughts or feelings
from her master. He knows her too well. Most girls are extremely responsive to their masters, and love
them deeply, with that incredible love which can be known only by an enslaved woman, that love which
a woman can accord only to a man who is her total master. Yet I would be remiss did I not mention that
even the most vital, animate slave, delightedly conversing with her master, knows that at a mere snap of
his fingers she may have to tear aside her garments and serve him as a chain slut. She is owned. Too,
many slave girls are kept by men who are harsh and cold to them, who despise them as mere slaves.
These girls, too, of course, must obey. They, too, of course, must perform perfectly for their masters."


"Excellent slaves are seldom beaten, for there is little if any, reason to do so. To be sure, such a a girl,
particularly a love slave, occasionally desires to feel the stroke of the lash, wanting to feel pain at the hands
of a beloved master, wanting to be whipped by him because she loves him, in this way symbolizing to herself
her relationship to him, that of slave to master, her acceptance of that relationship and her rejoicing in it."

MAGICIANS OF GOR Pg. 124 & 125

"May I speak, Master?" asked the girl. "Yes," I said, as Marcus would not respond to her. This permission
may be given by any free person and is effective, unless it is overruled by the true master."


"The slave is totally subject to the Master in all ways, and in all things. She is his to do with as he pleases.
She depends on him forher food and the merest scrap of her clothing, if any. She is subject,completely , to
his discipline, to his abuse and his whip. She is owned, like a sandal or saddle. She may be slain even on a
whim, if her master wishes"


"A slave girl is often very careful about meeting the eyes of a free man directly, particularly a stranger. They
can be cuffed or beaten for such insolence"


"Code of Warriors emphasizing loyalty to Pride Chiefs and the home stone."


"The control of a girl's clothing, and many other things, such as her diet, chaining, name, whether or not
her head is to be shaved, and so on, are all within the purview of the master. His power over the slave
is unqualified and absolute."


"I considered the unilaterally of the master/slave relationship. All power is with the master. This, of course
, has its effect upon the slave. Let her strive to be such that her master will keep her."