siren is not going to try to sweet talk you into being a
slave. It is hard, and many times what you believe to be true, isn't, especially in a vt relationship or
one that may move to rt. She was in a few and each time, no matter how many times it was sworn
she would be loved, there would be trust, the relationships would always dissolve. siren's best
advice to you is trust yourself only. Love yourself only, that is where you need to start. Losing your
own sense of well-being is not worth the pain you go through when you discover the one you have
fell head over heels for is not who you thought they were. Discover who you are, then take your time.
Never trust or love too deeply, the pain is far too great, and the reason lies below.

siren believes a true slave is able to set aside her own needs,
taking up a Masters first and foremost in her mind always. she has learned that everything she says
and does is a reflection on Him, therefore to keep honor, she is forever learning and growing in her
slavehood, stressing that a slave never stops in her learning, but continues on to bring pride deserving
a Master.

All is of the Master, nothing of the slave.
"Remember that you are only female slaves. You exist for the service and
pleasure of men. When you go out there drip with obedience and sensuousness. Let every glance,
every look and movement, signify to men the promise of untold pleasures, and if any of them should
so much as snap his fingers, see that you fulfill that promise and a thousand times more."
Kajira of Gor Pg 278

siren is not and shall never be a "perfect" slave, as those who
say they are, speak not the truth...there is no such thing as a "perfect" slave as they should always
strive to please their Masters and bring yet more honor.

siren does have many failures, one of which is curiousity,
she does strive to conquer that, and tis hard, but she is slowly growing in that. As the scrolls speak:
"Curiosity," I said, "is not becoming in a kajira."
Vagabonds of Gor pg 446

A Master does, at times, wish only conversation, and a
slave should be very happy to be allowed to speak with Him, to help relieve any tension which may
develop within Masters thoughts. "Conversing with a lovely slave is one of the many pleasures of
owning her.
Fighting Slave of Gor

siren has learned to never show shyness or shame in a Masters
presence. Tis a times a hard thing to learn, but once rememberd, the slave thrives. From the scrolls:
The slave girl is not permitted modesty.
Vagabonds of Gor pg 460

siren has learned much in being the slave of Masters.

siren has learned that in punishment, Masters may not always
need a reason. she is a slave and not allowed anything that is not given by a Master. she serves many
purposes them, and if punishment is Their desire, for the sake of punishment, then she accepts it
gratefully, with the understanding of the scrolls: "A slave, you must understand,
must sometimes serve such purposes. Her eyes were wide. But one of the utilities of a slave, of course,
is to occasionally serve as the helpless object upon which the master may vent his dissatisfaction, his
frustration or anger. Too, of course, they may serve many other related purposes, such as the relief
of tensions, to relax oneself and even to calm oneself for clear thought.
Magicians of Gor pg 134

One thing she has learned, and used always since, was that she
is not allowed to speak the name of a FP, no matter Who They are...she wishes to bestow respect and
therefore, if needed at all, will only use the first letter of the name she is speaking to, but she tries to
refrain from it totally, as the scrolls speak: "You do not address free men by
their name," I said "Yes, Master," she said. "You will address all free men as 'Master,'" I said, "and
all free women as 'Mistress.'" "Yes, Master!" she said.
Vagabonds of Gor pg 436

Another thing siren is still learning, is to ask permission to speak.
This one is extremely hard as siren has always been the talkative one...but she does remember at
times to ask permission first, as per the scrolls: "It is common," I said, "for
a slave to request permission to speak." Magicians of Gor pg 193

siren has also struggled with learning that her advice is not
needed, nor wanted...siren is the type who wishes to help A/any, thus tis hard for her, but as the
scrolls say: "slaves were not permitted to impart instruction to a free man,
since it would place him in their debt, and nothing was owed to a slave."
Tarnsman Of Gor Pg 40

So, as Y/you can see, siren strives always to improve, there
are many things which are not here mentioned which also she needs work on, but with guidance,
she will continue to grow. siren is a slave only, nothing more, nothing less...and of that she has pride.

siren has learned with the help of Masters, and will always learn,
therefore she in return. True she owns nothing, but she gives of herself in everyway.
"A slave girl is not permitted to conceal anything from her master. She is his. She must be completely open to him, in
all ways, and at all times".
Assassin of Gor Pg 91

The last thing which siren would like to say before departing,
the thing which drives siren to such extremes to please a Master, is what she receives in return.
This may be seen as selfish, but it drives her deeper into her slavehood. The Master is the One in
control of His slave, and once a slave tastes of the depth of the love given by the Master she pleases...
..she is fulfilled within her soul....

"Most girls are extremely responsive to their masters,
and love them deeply, with that incredible love which can be known only by an enslaved woman,
that love which a woman can accord only to a man who is her total master."
Fighting Slave of Gor