What is Gor? Gor is a way of life, Gor is Tarl Cabot, Tarns, slaves,Masters, FreeWomen,
Ar, Tuchuk, Kassar....Gor is a way of life, of total submission, of respect, of control, of animalistic behavior..
...Gor started as a series of books by John Norman!

The ways of Gor were first introduced in The Tarnsman of Gor a book which describes the adventures
of a young man of Earth, Tarl Cabot, who is taken to a world on the other side of the sun, one which was
very unlike the world He knew.

On Gor, Tarl met His father, a man who He had not known since a young child, someone He had
thought He would never see again. As He grows in this new world, He finds out things are VERY different,
there are slaves who have no say over what is done with them, strange animals such as kailla,
Tarn, sleen, and Tarsks, some very similar to those He knew on Earth, yet different. He learns the savage
ways of this new world and gradually learns to love His new home.

siren is a slave of Gor, she has learned, through the books, reading, and observing others, the
ways of life on Gor, and it is all she desires now. siren loves being a Gorean slave, a life which can be
vicious at times, but one which she feels protected and safe. True, the ways of Gor are not for A/all,
but it is a way which brings intense desires to T/those who truly understand it. Gor is Life!

In the next few pages, siren will try to define some of the ways of Gor, the slave silk colors, the
slave positions, the members of Gor and hopefully will bring understanding to O/others. Enjoy with an
open mind and welcome to Gor!