Drink Name Description Earth Comparison Vessel Used Where Kept Book Ref
ALE Gorean Ale is closer to a Honey Lager than to an ale or beer...a deep gold in color. Ale is brewed from the grains of Gor and hops imported from Urth in the early years Beer Stein, Goblet depends on the Master, best to ask Kegs in the back alcove "The Forkbeard himself, now, from a wooden keg, poured a great tankard of ale, which must have been of the measure of five gallons. Over this he hten closed his fist. It was the sign of the hammer, the sign of Thor. The tankard then, with two great bronze handles, was passed from hands to hands among the rowers. The men threw back their heads and, the liquid spilling down their bodies, drank ale. It was the victory ale." Marauders of Gor, Pg. 82
BAZI TEA very ceremonious on Gor. The slave will need the following: a tray, a small kettle, 3 tiny cups, polished and flawless, a container of Bazi tea leaves, a bowl of yellow, and a bowl of white sugars. Assembling it all on the tray, the slave should then take the kettle to the fire, ladling water in about halfway..swirl it around and dump it, to ensure the kettle is clean. Fill the kettle and then return to the Freeperson. 3 tea leaves go into each cup, a spoon of yellow sugar into the first cup, a spoon of white into the second, and a spoon of each into the third. The first cup is significant to the early and harsh battles done in early life. The second is symbolic of the smooth path of middle age...and the third is for the sweet riches of old-age. The cups are presented one at a time, but quickly, as the drink is to be done in rapid succession Pekoe green tea 3 cups, usually blue, red, and green Heated water in kettles on the fires, see prep above There was a cup and a pitcher of Bazi tea on the counter. Bazi tea is a commone beverage on Gor. Many Goreans are fond of it. Kajira of Gor Pg 332
BLACK WINE Rich, aromatic, hot drink (very similar to Earth's coffee) Brewed from the fresh, dark beans grown in the mountains of Thentis. Traditionally served with white and yellow sugars and bosk milk. There are many variations on what it means first or second slave. Some say that second slave is with creams and sugars for it takes 2 slaves to prepare, one to get the blackwine, while the other adds the cream and sugar. Tis for that reason the it can also be referred to as a first slave serve...depends on the Master. Coffee mugs kettle over fires "Yes, Mistress," I said. I took the vessel of black wine, removing it from its warmer, and put it on its tray, that already bearing the tiny cups, the cream and sugars, the spices, the napkins and spoons. I then carried the tray, with the black wine, hot and steaming, to the table and pit it down there. Susan then, as "first slave," took the orders and did the measuring and mixing; I, as "second slave," did the pouring. Afterwards I returned the tray to the serving table, and the vessel of black wine to its warmer. From Kajira of Gor, Pg 405-406
BOSK MILK Milk from the Bosk - Rich, thick and sweet milk goblet usually in coolery cave, to avoid spoilage, in containers "When the meat was ready, Kamchak ate his fill, and drank down, too, a flagon of bosk milk" Nomads of Gor, Pg. 139
BREEDING WINE or SECOND WINE A sweet beverage which counteracts the effects of slave wine, making a slavegirl fertile; also called second wine ~NA~ wooden cup, chipped as it is given to slaves small container in rear alcove "In the concentrated state, as in slave wine, developed by the caste of physicians, the effect is almost indefinite, usually requiring a releaser for its remission,usually administered, to a slave, in what is called the breeding wine, or the "second wine"." Blood Brothers of Gor, Pg 319
CHO hot paga and chocolate mixed, whipped cream, sometimes sprinkled with sugars and cinnamon, placed on top. ~NA~ bowl or large mug paga heated on fires, chocolate pieces stored in coolery. -No quote found in the books-
CHOCOLATE, WARMED A rich, creamy, sweet beverage, warmed. hot chocolate mug in a kettle over the fires "This is warmed chocolate," I said, pleased. It was very rich and creamy. "Yes Mistress." said the girl. "I is very good," I said. "Thank you, Mistress," she said. "Is it from Earth?" I asked. "Not directly," she said. "Many things here, of course, ultimately have an Earth origin. It is not improbable that the beans from which the first cacao trees on this world were grown were brought from Earth." Kajira of Gor, Pg 61
COSIAN WINE A sweet red wine, made from fruit imported red wine goblet botas chilled "She had brought, too, paga, Cosian wine, and water." Rogue of Gor, Pg. 257
KA-LA-NA A sweet, rich, fragrant wine, ranging in color from gold to red-gold. Made from kalana fruit. It is served chilled or at room temperature Pear wine Goblet Botas in the servery After the meal I tasted the drink, which might not inappropriately be described as an almost incandescent wine, bright dry, and powerful. I learned later it was called Ka-la-na. Tarnsman of Gor. Pg 26

*Red Ka-la-na*: I went to his locker neat the mat and got out his Ka-la-na flask, taking a long draught myself and then shoving it into his hands. He drained the flask in one drink and wiped his hand across his beard, stained with the red juice of the fermented drink. From Tarnsman of Gor, Pg 170
KAL-DA A hot almost scalding drink made of distilled Ka-la-na wine mixed with juices of fruits such as tospit and larma and hot spices. It is considered a peasant drink ~NA~ Footed Bowl Botas by fires Kal-da is a hot drink, almost scalding, made of diluted Ka-la-na wine, moxed with citrus juices and stinging spices. but it was popular with some of the lower castes, particularly those who performed strenuous manual labor. I expected its popularity was due more to its capacity to warm a man and stick to his ribs, and to its cheapness (a poor grade of Ka-la-na wine being used in its brewing) than to any gustatory excellence. Outlaw of Gor, Pg 76
MEAD made from fermented honey; thick and sweet ~NA~ Horn Botas by fires "Here Jarl, said Thyri, again handing me the horn. It was filled with the mead of Torvaldsland, brewed from fermented, honey, thick and sweet." Marauders of Gor, Pg 90
MULLED KA-LA-NA heated ka-la-na with mulling spices. usually garnished with a piece of ka-la-na fruit or tospit ~NA~ Goblet Kettles and botas by fires-No quote found in the books-
PAGA A grain-based, fermented drink made from sa-tarna. Smooth and clear, it is usually served warm Ale Footed Bowl Botas near fires I may have drunk too much of that fermented brew, concocted with fiendish skill from the yellow grain, Sa-Tarna, and called Pagar-Sa-Tarna, Pleasure of the Life-Daughter, but almost always "Paga" for short. From Tarnsman of Gor. Pg 59
PALM WINE A clear wine made from the palm leave fruits, an export of Schendi. Smooth and clear, it is usually served chilled dry wine Goblet Botas in servery "One of her most delicious exports is palm wine. Explorers of Gor Pg. 115
"My recommendation," said Ayari, "would be to stab him, when he is not looking, or perhaps to poison his palm wine." Explorers of Gor, Pg 429
RENCE BEER Brewed from the pith of the rence plant, it is a drink of the rence growers of the Delta of the Vosk. beer Stein Kegs in the coolery "At such times there is drinking of rence beer, steeped, boiled and fermented from the crushed seeds and the whitish pith of the plant." Raiders of Gor, Pg 18
SAND KAILLA MILK Reddish and salty. High in ferrous sulfate. ~NA~ Goblet In coolery cave"...when we camped near the watering holes in the vicinity of nomads, the milking of verr and kailla. Too, she was taught the churning of milk in skin bags." Tribesman of Gor, Pg 73
SLAVE WINE A black, bitter beverage, the main ingredient being sip root, that is given to the slave once a month and acts as a contraceptive. Its effect is instant and lasts for well over a month ~NA~ Small wooden, chipped bowl, as is given to slaves only in container in back alcove Sip Root: A bitter root, which can either be made into a liquid contraceptive, or chewed, for the same result. The effect of the sip root, in most women is effective for three or four months. In the concentrated state, as in slave wine, developed by the caste of Physicians, the effect is almost indefinate, usually requiring a releaser for it remission, usually administered, to a slave, in what is called the breeding wine, or the second wine" Blood Brothers of Gor, Pg 319. "Slave wine is bitter, intentionally so. Its effects lasts for more than a Gorean month. I did not wish the females to conceive. A female slave is taken off slave wine only when it is her master's intention to breed her." Marauders of Gor, Pg 23
WHITE WINE Light in color and taste, note that it is not referred to as Ka-la-na, simply wine. ~NA~ Goblet botas in the servery "In the hall was a open circle of small tables, at which a handful of guests, on cushions and mats, reclined. There were four men and two women at these tables, other than the Lady Florence, the hostess, and her guest of the past several days, the Lady Metpomene. The tables were covered with cloths of glistening white and a service of gold. Before each guest there were tiny slices of tospit and larma, small pastries, and in a tiny golden cup, with a small golden spoon, the clustered, black, tiny eggs of the white grunt. The first wine, a light white wine, was being deferentially served by Pamela and Bonnie." Fighting Slave of Gor, Pg 275-276
SUL PAGA Very strong, alcoholic beverage made primarily from suls Vodka Footed Bowl botas near fire "Excellent," said my master, sipping the Sul paga. He could have been commenting only on the potency of the drink, for Sul paga is almost tasteless. One does not guzzle Sul paga. Last night one of the men held my head back and forced me to swallow a mouthful. In moments things had gone black, and I had fallen unconscious. I had awakened only this morning, ill, miserable, with a splitting headache. Slave Girl of Gor, Pg 134
TA WINE A clear red wine served at room temperature ~NA~ Goblet botas in servery "Thank you, Master," I said, and drank some swallows of the beverage. It was Ta wine, from the Ta grapes of the terraces of Cos. Such a small thing, in its way, bespoke the intimacy of the trade relations between Vonda and Cos. In the last year heavy import duties had been levied by the high council of Vonda against the wines of certain other cities, in particular against the Ka-la-nas of Ar. Fighting Slave of Gor, Pg 306
TURIAN LIQUEUR A thick, sweet liqueur from Turia, served in tiny glasses. These liqueurs are considered the best on Gor. ~NA~ Goblet botas in servery "The former Peggy Baxter, of Earth, nude and in the steel collar of Tasdron of Victoria, her master, now danced before me, a Gorean slave girl. I sipped a Turian liqueur." Guardsman of Gor, Pg 259
TURIAN WINE Sweet, syrupy wines of Turia, flavored and sugared to the point where could leave a mark on the surface ~NA~ Goblet botas in servery "…the sweet, syrupy wines of Turia [are] flavored and sugared to the point where one could almost leave one’s fingerprint on their surface." Nomads of Gor, Pg 83-84


1. Acknowledge that you heard and understood order, eg: "yes, Mistress" that is to show the person served that you are starting and not to worry that you are not doing as told. Also, if paga or kalana is wanted, ask if they wish cold or warm and if in a goblet or footed bowl.

2. Describe in detail how you look as you go TO the servery, everything you can think of, how the air feels, how you look, your own feelings, but not in as much as the trip back.

3. Describe entering the servery and the search for the "vessel" used. In Gor, there are bowls for paga, kalda, sa-tarna paga, sul paga, goblets for ka-la-na, sometimes paga, ale, mulled ka-la-na, Ta-wine, Turian wine, mugs for blackwine; and cups for the bazi tea.

4. Check the vessel for flaws, the slaves life is worth nothing, the Mistresses/Masters is precious therefore, all harm must be kept from them, so much check every area of the vessel for flaws, which may bring Them harm. Check carefully the rim, and if any- thing but white silk, make it sensual and sexual..if white silk can make it sexual ONLY to your own Mistress/Master.

5. Describe polishing the vessel, using whatever you wish, bring it to a shine in some way and describe how you do it and what the vessel looks like as it shines. "Temione had now filled her paga vessel. She picked up a goblet from a rack near the vat. The shelving on the rack was of narrow wooden rods. The goblets are kept upside down on the rods. In this way, washed, they can drain and dry. This also affords them some protection from dust. I watched her carefully wipe the goblet. Woe to the slave who would dare to serve paga or wine in a dirty goblet! VAGABONDS OF GOR pg.20"

6. Describe going to the botas, in detail.

7. Describe the pouring of the drink into the vessel, make i unique try not to use someone elses way of doing it, make it special to you and you only, many will remember it better that way and want your particular serve *S*. Make it sensual, everything sensual and detailed. BTW, botas for warm drinks such as warm ka-la-na, paga (all), and mead are kept by the fires, blackwine and kalda are in kettles over the fires, all other drinks are in a bota rack inside the servery.

8. Describe returning to the One you're serving, in detail again, your feelings, how you look, what you look at, etc.

9. Describe lowering the vessel to your belly, waiting for a few beats of your heart, for it symbolizes a slaves intense desire to serve...or their "slave belly". "She then knelt there, before me. “Press the cup to your belly,” I told her. She did so. She then held it there, in both hands. “Paga, Master?” she whispered. “Yes,” I said." Slave Girl of Gor, Pg. 172

10. Present the drink to the Master/Mistress and kiss the FRONT OR SIDE of the vessel, NEVER let your lips touch where a Masters does, always have head raised, eyes lowered. Again, make it unique to yourself. The reasoning for never touching your lips to the place where a Masters will touch is that some slaves are bred on Gor and used as weapons in that their lips have been made so a touch from them can leave a poison upon a vessel. Also, if one places their lips to that where a Master touches, it places the slave at equal and moving before a Master as her lips were the first to touch the rim. A Master/Mistress shall ALWAYS come first. Here are the book quotes: "The girl who had gone to fetch my paga now returned and knelt before the table. She kissed the goblet, and then, her head down, between her extended arms, proffered it to me. VAGABONDS OF GOR pg.401"
"Then, suddenly, as I was to hand it to him, I boldly, again, lifted the GOBLETS SIDE to my lips. Holding it in both hands, I kissed it again, lovingly, delicately, fully, lingeringly, my eyes closed." Pg. 68, SLAVE GIRL OF GOR.
"She then held the cup to the side of her cheek, testing its temperature; Ibn Saran glanced at her; she, looking at him, timidly kissed the SIDE of the cup and placed it before him. Then, her head down, she withdrew." Pg. 89, TRIBESMEN OF GOR.

11. In giving the drink, you don't have to say anything, in fact many times slaves in the books didn't. Sometimes, however a girl has said "siren hopes her serve has brought pleasure to Master's eyes, and honor to her Master and the Cavern in which she lives, and the "name drink" is pleasing to the palate and warms *or refreshes if a cold drink* Master/Mistress" again, make it your own special saying. Though at times, if the Master/Mistress is busy, it is best to just offer the drink in silence.

12. Wait for the Person to take the drink, then wait to be dismissed, if not dismissed, ask if there is anything else needed, may remind the Person to release you. Never leave without being dismissed.

Extra Note:

1. NEVER FOR ANY REASON, STOP SERVING OR DO ANYTHING WHILE IN SERVE eg: greeting, talking to others, paying attention to anything BUT the serve.

2. There are NO bottles in GDC, the reason being it is a dormant volcano, mainly stone, any dropping would cause breakage and glass all over, only a few rare bottles of wine are locked in a cabinet, key can be gotten from Master Ubar.

3. There are NO doors, window, to anything, so dont go rushing to the servery or chillery and "pushes open the door with her hip".

4. There is NO ice, ice was rare on Gor, the ice gotten was usually from frozen over streams, etc. if you want ice, and its winter, go to the streams, else use the cleaned rocks which set in front of the vents which have been dipped in water and placed there to freeze. *same with frosted steins setting there prepared likewise.